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2022 Super Bowl Bets: How to Bet a Safety, Overtime & Other Random Prop Bets

The final betting push before the Super Bowl always brings an increase of side bets, player props and some bets most people have never heard of or never played. Do not let the giant list of game and player props be intimidating, as there is usually a lot of value on smaller-market props. Some of these are built-in longshots, so it is important to understand going in that the majority of times these props will not hit. But like everything that’s bettable in the NFL, so much of why a prop makes sense is a combination of price (value) and circumstance. Be it betting a safety, whether there will be overtime or the game ending on a score never before, this column has it covered.

Super Bowl 56 Safety & Overtime Bets

As money comes in and moves props, it is even more important to keep checking OddsShopper for the best possible return on any bets. The site is 100% free and easy to use, and also has Awesemo’s projection on every player prop.

Will There Be a Safety — Yes (+800 DraftKings)

This is normally a throwaway on any Super Bowl bet, but this game may actually provide a safety. The Bengals and Joe Burrow are the easy target for a couple of reasons, the first being how bad the offensive line has looked against quality defenses. Burrow is expected to throw a bunch and leave himself open to sacks. The Bengals may not put Burrow in a throwing situation if they are backed up in their own end zone, but a bad snap on a punt or strip sack is all it takes.

Will There Be Overtime — Yes (+950 DraftKings)

The Super Bowl has only seen one overtime in its 55-year history, but this year’s playoffs have been super tight. The Rams have gotten up on teams more often than not, scoring 20 points first in nine straight games, and the Bengals have mounted amazing comebacks to get here. The line is tight, down to -4, so keep checking OddsShopper for any changes. The big-play capability is all over the field on both teams, so either squad could erase a deficit rather quickly. The odds are just worthy enough for a half-unit play, as the circumstance surrounding both of these teams playing a tight game could provide an extra frame. Nobody else at your Super Bowl party will play this bet, but nobody will look smarter when this goes to overtime. Let everyone else get upset about the rules while this ticket cashes.

Will There Be an Octopus — Yes (+1400 DraftKings)

There will be no physical octopus thrown on the field, except maybe when the Super Bowl goes back to Detroit. There will, however, be at least one 2-point conversion attempt, and that is enough for this to hit. An octopus prop is when a player scores a touchdown and the ensuing 2-point conversion. A couple of obvious things need to happen here, the biggest being a 2-point try. The game has seen an increase of missed extra points and 2-point attempts, making the likelihood of this bet hitting even higher. There are so many candidates who can slide into a 2-point score after successfully crossing over the goal line. Be it Ja’Marr Chase, Cooper Kupp or Odell Beckham Jr., there are easy options for the same player to cash this octopus. Any bettor who believes there will be at least one 2-point try should be all over this prop, especially at +1400 at the book.

Successful Onside Kick — Yes (+1600 FanDuel)

This prop correlates with there being overtime and ultimately a close game in the fourth quarter. The Rams are not indestructible with a lead, and the Bengals have mounted multiple comebacks in the postseason alone. This prop actually does not need much more than that to hit, as the Super Bowl breeds desperation way more than any other game. There is a solid shot that a team may take a greater risk with an onside kick earlier in the fourth quarter compared to a regular-season game, as either team cannot afford to let the other offense continue to score. Any major comeback in the fourth quarter should open the door for this play.

Missed FG in Game — Yes (+106 FanDuel)

They cannot all be long shots! There is so much focus on the kickers having stellar runs, especially Evan McPherson on the Bengals. It is also an easy miss for the public to either not bet this or take the other side. Be careful here, as this prop has a better chance of hitting than not despite the plus-money return. The total is lower for two teams that boast such high-power offenses, and so are both quarterback’s passing props. The fact is both teams are going to run a little more than predicted, and neither team can afford to leave any points on the field. There is no reason to go for it on fourth down as opposed to trying for a 48-yard-plus FG, at least earlier in the game. The longer attempts will leave the door open for a miss — maybe it is a double-doink off the crossbar. This is the biggest game of the year on the biggest stage possible; someone is going to miss a kick.

Last Play of the Game: Kneel — No (+168 FanDuel)

No, neither quarterback will be in a position to kneel out the clock, which is a great thing for anyone taking the over on Matthew Stafford‘s rushing prop. The game will be close, but the losing team will finish with the ball. Rooting for a QB kneel is worse than rooting for any under; it is easily the least popular bet at any Super Bowl party. The “yes” play on this prop is north of -230, which is absurd, especially with the recent comeback history for the Bengals. Even if Cincinnati is up and winning the game, the Rams have a strong enough defense to force a stop and get Stafford another shot. It would take consecutive turnovers by the Rams to give the ball back to Burrow at the end of the game, and Burrow would also have to fall apart in order to hand things back over to Stafford. Even though there is desperation with a team trailing late, do not expect either quarterback to start throwing with their eyes shut.

Will There be a Scorigami? (Unique Final Score in NFL History) Yes (+1200 FanDuel)

This prop is crazy and probably does not pay out enough, but it is one of the most fun bets one can make on the game. Throw a half unit on this and just hope that something weird happens to create a unique final score. There have been a couple of scorigamis this year, and plenty of unique scores remain that are not 2-0 or 100-50. These are pretty cool whenever they happen because they usually have something inside the game that rarely, if ever, happens. Here are a couple of remaining scores that would be unique and hit his scorigami prop: 32-19, 32-22, 40-31, 25-18 and 20-11. There are plenty more, but these are quality examples of realistic scores that simply have not happened yet. For the record, there have been three Super Bowl scorigamis in 55 years.

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