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Bet Kyle Schwarber to Hit HR Tonight: Expert MLB Player Prop Betting Picks, Odds & Predictions | Wednesday, Sept. 22

The lock of the night has hit two days in a row, but the rest of the best have left much to be desired. Let’s right the ship and jump into some of the best bets for Wednesday, Sept. 22. With the help of the Awesemo expert MLB player prop betting tool, below are three of Awesemo’s best MLB bets today.

Best MLB Bets Today: Player Prop Odds & Betting Picks

Luis Garcia Over 5.5 Strikeouts (-111)

The Astros have had to revamp their starting pitching from the World Series years but have not lost a step, starting with Luis Garcia, who is more than capable of shutting down opposing lineups. Garcia has a 27% strikeout rate, and the Angels are in full September mode, running out their young players with elevated strikeout rates. Awesemo’s model loves this spot, projecting it will hit more than 70% of the time.

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Ian Anderson Over 4.5 Strikeouts (+121)

Ian Anderson is a great young pitcher that has struggled with injuries. Tonight he takes on an Arizona lineup that has packed it up for the season and is running out a series of young players to gauge their readiness for next year. Anderson has had a down year with injuries and only a 24% strikeout rate, but he does not need much to get the five strikeouts necessary tonight, and the plus odds add to the appeal of this bet. As long as he gets a couple turns through the lineup, he should have no issues piling up the strikeouts necessary to cash this bet.

Kyle Schwarber to Hit a Home Run (+340)

This is a rerun of yesterday’s bet, only it is an even better spot against Taijuan Walker instead of Marcus Stroman. Kyle Schwarber was involved in the offense all night for the Red Sox, but home runs are tough to predict, which is why they have such great odds. Schwarber had a fantastic run in Washington earlier this year but has struggled since he has come to the American League. Walker does not get consistent swings and misses, and Schwarber makes great hard contact and has a fantastic xSLG of .547 this season. Awesemo’s model loves this spot tonight.

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