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Million Dollar NBA Parlay Picks Today: James Harden Player Props & Betting Picks That PAY OFF BIG

There are just five games in the NBA scheduled for tonight, which is a perfect opportunity to use Awesemo OddsShopper to build some of the best NBA parlay picks today. Using this fantastic site can help place smart wagers in an easy-to-use fashion and maximize the ROI on the wagers. It is truly betting made simple since you can find the best bet in 30 seconds or less.

NBA Picks and Parlays Today: Player Props & Betting Picks

The first step is finding the brand new Parlay Builder for OddsShopper. It is located on the top banner and is just one click away. This tool is a game changer because the Awesemo data scientists have built the parlay already. The user has the choice of what type of parlay they prefer to chase, and the state is customizable along with the sportsbook. The parlay is built based on the top ROI bets based on Awesemo simulations and to exceed at least ten times your initial bet. As a reminder, betting the props individually is always a smart way to build your bankroll. A 10x parlay is not exactly the most stable return if it is always being bet just as a parlay. Let’s find out what the best-projected bets are for Thursday and build some NBA parlay picks. This particular parlay was listed at around 11:30 a.m. ET on Jan. 13. OddsShopper updates the parlay constantly, so this is a guideline, and all plays will be linked to build the particular parlay.

James Harden Over 8.5 Rebounds

Rebounding is the theme of the 10x parlay tonight because every wager is based on that statistic. James Harden kicks it off and he has been playing a lot better in the past month or so, looking like the Harden of old. The Nets will be without Kyrie Irving since the game is in Brooklyn and Harden is already averaging 8.1 rebounds per game. They are facing the Oklahoma City Thunder, who rank 27th in rebounding overall and dead last in rebounds allowed in the paint. Harden has taken over the lead in rebounding chances as far as guards go at 13.8 (Dejounte Murray of the Spurs is at 13.7) and he has a conversion rate of 58.3%. With the Thunder being such a poor rebounding team, OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 62% for Harden and Caesars has this at +110. That bumps up the ROI of the parlay overall quite nicely.

Ivica Zubac Over 6.5 Rebounds

It is very easy to brush aside the last game for Ivica Zubac since he only played 10 minutes while racking up four fouls. That is a statistical anomaly, and the Los Angeles Clippers will need him to play closer to 25 minutes tonight since the New Orleans Pelicans have Jonas Valanciunas as their center. New Orleans is a top-five team in rebounding this year, so the road is tough for Zubac from that perspective. However, Zubac averages 15.7 rebound chances per night with a 51.7% conversion rate. OddsShopper has an expected win rate of 81%, the highest of the parlay tonight.

Klay Thompson Under 2.5 Rebounds

The return of Klay Thompson for the Golden State Warriors has been great to see and he might be one of the more universally liked players in the league. However, that does not mean that he is racking up a ton of stats yet and he is playing just 20 minutes per night as he ramps up. He has snagged three rebounds in each game so far, but the Milwaukee Bucks are second in rebounding overall this year behind only the Memphis Grizzlies. The ROI is the best of the night at +120 but the expected win rate from OddsShopper is still 65%, very high for the ROI. Since he is only playing 20 minutes per night, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bobby Portis from the Bucks should be able to control the glass and hold Thompson under three rebounds.

Jusuf Nurkic Over 9.5 Rebounds

The nightcap for the four-leg parlay comes from the Portland Trail Blazers and Jusuf Nurkic. His expected win rate is 77% from OddsShopper and the Awesemo Parlay Calculator gives a return of +1347, excellent for four legs. Nurkic has such a high expected win rate in part because the Trail Blazers are extremely thin tonight, missing five players out of their normal rotation. Nurkic does have to face off against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets but Nurkic also averages 10.2 rebounds per game and 18.1 chances per game with a 56.7% conversion rate. What is really fascinating is the Nuggets are just 26th in rebounding this season despite having Jokic at their disposal. Nurkic will have to play a lot of minutes just due to the state of the Portland team tonight and Denver is more vulnerable than the perception would be.

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