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If you're looking for the best player MLB player futures bets for awards like the MLB MVP futures and Cy Young bets, you've found the right place! Our Shop Bets Pages do all the hard work for you. In order to determine the best MLB player futures, we've calculated each bet's ROI by using our best-in-class projections and comparing AL MVP futures, NL MVP futures and more, with sportsbooks across the world. Sort, Bet, Win.

To help understand how to best use OddsShopper’s tools, here are definitions of terms used:


Projection Systems

Choose from different systems for identifying the best available bets. Currently we offer two systems:

Stokastic - projections built by our betting experts using the same proven approaches that power our industry-leading DFS tools

Sharp Sportsbook Lines - projections calculated by estimating fair value of lines using data from the sharpest sportsbook lines available


The average outcome/value from running simulations for the bet selected


The projected likelihood that a bet will win


The projected expected ROI (“return on investment”) for a bet


The percentage of money that the sportsbook keeps for every dollar wagered