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What is OddsShopper's Free Bet Converter?

With OddsShopper's Free Bet Converter tool, you can effortlessly convert your free bets, bonus bets, and bet credits into guaranteed cash that can be withdrawn*. By constantly analyzing odds in real-time, OddsShopper identifies the two most advantageous bets to place, allowing you to convert your free bets into cash that can be withdrawn at a conversion rate of 75+ cents per dollar. Once you've utilized our free bet conversion tool to secure your guaranteed winnings, take advantage of our premium tools and packages to further grow your bankroll. If you're interested in additional offers for bonus bets and credits to use this Free Betting tool, browse the section below to explore promotions from other sportsbooks.

How to Use the Free Bet Converter

    1. Select your State/Province and Free Bet Sportsbook to ensure you're only looking at free bet conversions for the book you have a free bet on in the state you're in.

    2. Enter your free bet dollar value to ensure the dollar amount to bet on both sides is correct.

    3. Place the free bet on the free bet sportsbook (be sure to select the free bet when placing the bet in that book).

    4. Place the hedge bet on the other sportsbook indicated for that free bet conversion using the bet size indicated in bold. If you don't have that sportsbook, click on the sportsbook icon to sign up!

Sportsbook Sign Up Optimizer

When it comes to online sports betting, one factor that can help bettors maximize their winnings is taking advantage of promotions and bonuses offered by sportsbooks. Sportsbook promo codes are necessary to unlock deals from many of the most popular sports betting sites in the U.S., such as Bet365, DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM. Browse the promotions, bonus bet and credit offers for your state below.


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*Sportsbook sites previously offered risk-free or free bets as part of their promotional strategy to attract new signups. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that these bets still involve a degree of risk. Firstly, bettors are required to deposit a specific amount of money to access these risk-free bets. Secondly, while sportsbooks generally refund the initial free bets if they result in a loss, the refund is typically issued as credits for future bets. If bettors then encounter losses with those subsequent bets, they will ultimately lose their initial stake. To minimize this risk and ensure a guaranteed return, our Free Bet Converter tool allows you to strategically leverage two competing sportsbooks, optimizing your betting outcomes.