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Underdog Entry Builder

Underdog Fantasy has something for everyone. They are best known for their industry-leading NFL best ball contests with prizes as high as $2 million to first place. Underdog runs best ball contests in every major sport, including season-long and playoff formats.

Using industry-leading data and technology, OddsShopper has leveraged as much information as possible in our Underdog Entry Builder tool to help users make the best decisions as possible.

Pick'em contests are quickly becoming popular among sports bettors who don’t have access to legalized gambling or simply enjoy the challenge of this format. Just like pick'em platforms such as PrizePicks, Underdog has nuances that you’ll need to understand before getting in on the action. The differences include the option to make correlated picks and a slightly different hold percentage.

How Does Underdog Fantasy Work?

So, how does Underdog Fantasy work? The site has five tiers to their pick'em contests, all of which have different potential ROIs if you’re playing correctly. The best ROI spot is the three-pick pick'em. That may seem counterintuitive since it requires you to get more selections right to win yet pays less than one with four or more picks. However, the payout structure and the winning percentage you’ll need for your three-pick plays make it the safest way to go on Underdog.

If you’re looking to learn more about Underdog Fantasy, OddsShopper has you covered. Here’s advice on how you can play Underdog Fantasy; and our post on how Underdog Fantasy free squares operate.

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