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How to Bet on Olympic Basketball: Expert FIBA Strategy & Advice

Sports Betting Odds at OddsShopper

Our sports betting odds page shows the best odds for today's games packaged into one screen so you can see all the sports odds and lines from all of the best sportsbooks around. The table above is only a preview of the sports betting odds data you would get if you were a member. To access all of the data, Join now!

Use the table options to switch between betting types such as point spreads, over/unders, totals, moneylines, futures and player props. Being able to easily switch between betting types helps make sure you're seeing the best odds and spending your bankroll wisely on the best sports bets.

Sports Odds We Cover

Here at OddsShopper, we provide sports betting odds data for the following leagues:

MLB Odds & Bets

We collect all of the best MLB odds for you so you don't have to. We've got odds for MLB run lines, totals, moneylines and player props for all games including the MLB playoffs and World Series.

NBA Odds & Bets

Our NBA odds page displays all odds in one place along with links to place your bets for the regular season, the NBA playoffs and the NBA Finals. We have data for NBA player props, point spreads, over/unders and totals.

College Basketball Odds & Bets

Our NCAA Basketball odds page will show you the same table, but with college basketball odds data. Find college basketball point spreads, totals, over/unders and props!

College Football Odds & Bets

The college football odds page shows the betting odds table filled in with NCAA Football odds data. Sort through college football over/unders, point spreads, props and totals.

NFL Odds & Bets

Our NFL odds page is quite possibly the most popular page on the site! NFL bets have never been easier to make with data for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. We've got NFL odds data for point spreads, totals, player props and futures.

NHL Odds & Bets

We've created a system to deliver you the best NHL odds all on one page. Check out odds for NHL bets such as NHL player props, futures, totals and point spreads for all games including the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup.

PGA Odds & Bets

Our golf and PGA odds data can help you spend your money wisely when placing those golf bets. Check out all of the PGA odds for tournaments such as the US Open, the Masters and other events in the PGA Tour that we've collected for you in one place!