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Leveraging the best data, futuristic technology and industry-leading tools, OddsShopper’s Sleeper Entry Builder will help smart players make the most educated decisions possible.

What is Sleeper Fantasy?

Sleeper is a fantasy sports platform designed to make fantasy football more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable. It is dedicated to providing users with a unique fantasy football experience that goes beyond just picking players and setting lineups. Here's what makes Sleeper fantasy stand out:

Real-time Updates: One of the key features that set Sleeper apart is its real-time updates. You'll receive instant notifications for every player update, including trades, injuries, and breaking news. This allows you to make timely decisions and gives you an edge over your competitors.

User-Friendly Interface: Sleeper offers a sleek and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to both seasoned fantasy football veterans and newcomers.

Customizable Scoring Settings: With Sleeper, you have the flexibility to customize scoring settings to match your league's preferences. This means you can create unique scoring systems tailored to your league's dynamics.

Chat and Community: Sleeper fosters a sense of community by providing in-app chat features. You can discuss trades, player updates, and strategies with fellow league members, enhancing the social aspect of fantasy football.

Dynasty Leagues: For those looking for a long-term commitment, Sleeper offers dynasty leagues, where you can keep your roster from season to season, creating a deeper and more immersive experience.
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