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Golf Odds & Bets

Positive EV Betting for the PGA at OddsShopper

Golf and the PGA are great ways to bet on sports and +EV sports betting is definitely an option when placing wagers on PGA Tournaments.

The calculations our tool does, all in real time, can help you find the best, market-based +EV bets for PGA as soon as they appear in the books.

Our model takes into account multiple factors when calculating golf +EV bets -- again -- this is all done as soon as the legal sportsbooks in your state post odds for golf and PGA tournaments. Positive EV betting data is available for all the tournaments the PGA hosts, including, but not limited to, the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, ISCO Championship, The Open Championship, Barracuda Championship, 3M Open, Wyndham Championship, FedEx St. Jude Championship, BMW Championship and the TOUR Championship.

On this page you'll find PGA positive EV bets for all categories, including Tournament Lines (Round 1, 2, 3 & 4 leaders, top 5, 10, 20 finishers, etc.), Player Matchups (group matchups & six shooters) as well as Tournament Futures (winners). The PGA hosts many tournaments per year and allows hundreds of golfers to participate, so the potential for +EV bets is endless!

Golf & PGA +EV Betting FAQ

The questions here are frequently asked about golf & positive EV betting.

What is PGA +EV Betting?

Market-based +EV sports betting, also referred to as +EV or value-based betting, can be defined as finding the PGA bets that have better prices associated with them than the odds suggest they should have.

How Does +EV Betting Work With The PGA?

Using our positive expected value betting tool, you'll be able to sort through all of the +EV bets found at sportsbooks legal in your state. Our model calculates expected value for you to determine what bets are expected to return positive results.

How Do I Use PGA +EV Betting Data from OddsShopper?

Simply choose your state, assuming you have legal sports betting, and the tool will pull all of the available +EV PGA bets for you!

Don't forget to start an account to see all the +EV PGA data!

+EV Betting From OddsShopper

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