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How To Use Our NJ BetMGM Parlay Builder

  1. Adjust the Parlay Builder options at the top to match your state and sportsbook of choice
  2. OddsShopper will automatically include the best five recommendations based off of the expected EV for each leg
  3. Remove any you legs that you do not want included in your parlay
  4. Review the available bets in the Add Legs area to add/swap in any additional OddsShopper recommended bets you like
  5. Navigate to the relative sportsbook and add each bet to your bet slip
  6. After you’ve added multiple bets to your betting slip, you enter bet amounts for those bets individually and / or combine them into a parlay
  7. Submit and prepare for that sweat!

What is a Parlay in Sports Betting?

When placing bets at a sportsbook, there are two main types of bets available: straight bets and parlay bets. A straight bet is a simple wager on a single event, while a parlay bet is a wager on multiple events. If you’re interested in just normal bets, our best bets tool is the place for you.

A parlay bet is essentially a combination of two or more straight bets, and all selections must win for the bettor to win. While these bets generally have higher payouts than straight bets, the win percentage is much lower, as all selections must be correct to win the bet. This means that while a parlay bet can lead to a big payout, it is also a riskier bet than a straight wager.

Parlay bets cover many leagues inluding CFB, MLB, NFL & UFC.

Some sportsbooks also offer a special type of parlay bet known as a "same-game parlay," or SGP. This allows bettors to get action on multiple outcomes within a single game, such as the winner, the total points scored, and the first touchdown, basket or goal scorer. SGPs often have worse odds than regular parlays due to sportsbook adjustments for correlation, making them even riskier.

While parlay bets can be exciting and potentially lead to a big payout, it is generally recommended that bettors place most of their bets as straight wagers. Straight bets have a higher win percentage and offer a better chance of making a profit in the long run. These bets should be used sparingly and only when the bettor feels confident in their selections -- or the bettor is looking more for entertainment than for profit.

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