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Positive EV Betting for the NFL at OddsShopper

Sports betting is synonymous with the NFL so it's no surprise that our one-of-a-kind model for +EV sports betting can be applied to football season as well!

Our tool instantaneously calculates and finds the best NFL +EV bets from all of the sportsbooks available to you and presents them all in one, easy-to-read place. You'll find positive EV bets for the entire regular season as well as the NFL postseason (NFL playoffs); games included are the Wild Card Playoffs, the Divisional Playoffs (AFC & NFC) as well as the AFC Championship and the NFC Championship – and, of course, positive EV bets for the Super Bowl.

The NFL features at least 18 weeks of regular season play, in addition to the playoffs, so there are quite a few chances to locate and act on +EV bets using our tool. American football allows for quite a few different types of bets, so again, there's great opportunity here to find those positive EV bets, even with the sharpest books. Some of the +EV bets included in our tool are Team Props (team totals), Game Props (first team to score, total touchdowns, etc.), Game Lines (NFL point spreads, NFL moneylines, 1st half totals, etc.), NFL Player Props (game MVP, total rushing yards, total touchdowns, etc.), Player Futures (MVP, player of the year, most yards, etc.) and Team Futures (Super Bowl winner, AFC/NFC winner, etc.).

NFL +EV Betting FAQ

Positive EV betting and football can be confusing; here are some frequently asked questions.

What is Market-Based NFL Positive EV Betting?

Value-based betting, also called positive expected value betting or +EV, is commonly known as finding NFL bets that have cheaper pricing than the true odds suggest they should have.

How Does +EV Betting Work With The NFL?

The +EV betting tool goes through as many bets as it can find from the legal sportsbooks in your area and calculates positive expected value using our algorithm and rating system.

How Do I Use NFL +EV Betting Data from OddsShopper?

The NFL +EV betting tool is designed to really do most, if not all, of the intensive labor for you...all you have to do is choose your state and it'll show you all the NFL +EV bets available.

You'll have to create an account to view all the +EV NFL data!

More +EV Betting at OddsShopper

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