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LAC -189


What is an Arbitrage Bet?

Arbitrage bets, “arbs,” “safe bets,” or hedge bets, are multiple bets on the same event that guarantee a profit. Using OddsShopper, you will find that different sportsbooks offer different odds for the same game line or prop bet. In some cases, these differences are large enough that you can bet both sides and come out ahead, no matter the outcome.

How to Lock In Profit Using Arbitrage?

  1. Select the State you’re planning to bet in

  2. Enter a Wager amount you’d like to bet (in general, the more you wager on an arbitrage bet, the more you earn)

  3. Expand the bet you’re interested in to see how you’ll need to play both sides for guaranteed profit and which sportsbooks are involved

  4. Click the individual Sportsbook links to navigate to the partner website to locate and place the bet

  5. Profit!

Joining Sportsbooks

You can only take advantage of Arbitrage if you have accounts on all the sportsbooks. Follow any of the links below to sign-up and start profiting from arbitrage opportunities!