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PrizePicks Entry Builder Explained

How do I place a PrizePicks entry?

  1. Choose 2 or more players from the PrizePicks board using OddsShopper's Best Picks we've listed here or add your own picks.
  2. Pick each player to have MORE or LESS than their projected fantasy score or single stat.
  3. Choose Flex Play or Power Play.
  4. With Flex Play, you can miss one and still win!
  5. HINT: Flex Play is the safer option.
  6. With Power Play, you must get all your picks correct to win.

The word has been out on PrizePicks for a while. The unique betting platform is different from traditional sportsbooks in that they offer some new and exciting ways to get action on player props.

DFS players and sports bettors have flocked to PrizePicks as an alternative way to get action on sports. Even as more and more states legalize sports betting, sites like PrizePicks provide a unique and profitable user experience with plenty of opportunities to find an edge.

The +EV betting spots on PrizePicks are expanding, and getting pretty exciting, with their introduction of a new feature to get 25x on your wager for a six-pick entry called a “flex play.” While those kinds of payouts can make you wonder if PrizePicks is legit, it most certainly is!

If you want to learn more about PrizePicks, or Flex Picks, or even how to find value, we have you covered.
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