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For bettors who go big or go home. The 10x parlay features the top ROI bets in the market based on Awesemo simulations from our team of data scientists. These parlays are built so that you exceed at least ten times your initial bet. Welcome home degenerates.

Prop Party Parlay

Who's ready to party?! Up to FIVE Player Prop bets that'll give you the best chance to win based on our Awesemo simulations. The prop party is the most popular betting combo within the Awesemo community and Alex "Awesemo" Baker - the world’s #1 daily fantasy player - uses these almost exclusively when he's looking for an edge.

No time for losers here, heavy favorites only please. Up to FIVE of the top strong favorites in our model, combined into a single parlay. The sportsbooks expect these to hit and so do we. Let's eat baby!

Everybody loves a loser. Though it’s rare, underdogs eventually have their day, and when they do, the payouts are oh so nice. Here are our best bets for underdogs if you like to fade the favs and cheer for the upset at high odds. Let’s go Lions!

What is a Parlay?

Parlays are a single bet that links together two or more individual bets and is dependent on each bet winning for you to win. The benefit of parlays is that there are much higher pay-offs than placing each individual bet separately, since the difficulty of hitting all bets is much greater. If any one of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire parlay bet loses. If all bets win, the parlay bet wins!

Parlay Builder Instructions

  1. Adjust the Parlay Builder options at the top of the page as you see fit (State, League, Parlay Type, etc.)

  2. Using the bet recommendations provided, decide on the ones you’d like to include in your parlay

  3. Navigate to the relative sportsbook and add each bet to your bet slip

  4. After you’ve added multiple bets to your betting slip, you enter bet amounts for those bets individually and / or combine them into a parlay

  5. Submit and prepare for that sweat!