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What is Dinger Tuesday? How to Beat FanDuel’s Promotion

Few sports betting promotions take the world by storm, but FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday is a rare exception. If you haven’t heard of it before, you may wonder: what exactly is FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday promotion — and what strategy should you use to beat it? Home runs are some of the most enjoyable sweats in sports betting, and Dinger Tuesday gives you the chance to get paid back in bonus bets for every home run hit in a game. If you opt into the Dinger Tuesday promotion and wager at least $25 on any batter to hit a home run, you’ll receive $5 in bonus bets for each home run hit in that game. If you haven’t signed up for FanDuel yet, make sure to take advantage of their sign-up offers!

Few sweats are more fun than home run bets. If you want to start making money on your home run picks, OddsShopper has you covered. We post daily home run articles and have a strategy guide. What’s more, our MLB bet shopping pages integrate data from our industry-leading betting model to identify home run picks with positive expected value (+EV) each day. If you’re hungry for more than just the picks we post for free, sign up for OddsShopper Premium today.

What is Dinger Tuesday? How to Beat FanDuel’s Promotion

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What is FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday?

Each Tuesday, FanDuel lets both new and existing customers earn bonus bets by opting into the Dinger Tuesday promotion and wagering at least $25 on any batter to hit a home run. For each home run hit in that game — not just by your chosen batter or your chosen batter’s team — you’ll receive $5 in bonus bets. Those bonuses can sweeten a winning home run pick — or make up for a losing one.

Because the MLB schedule usually has teams travel on Mondays, more often than not, you’ll get a big slate of games to work with on Dinger Tuesday. With 15 games likely on the docket, you can wager on each one and watch the bonus bets stack up. Sure, $375 is a lot of money, but maximizing your exposure on Dinger Tuesday is generally a solid way to build your bankroll — as long as you’re not picking guys like Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani at +200.

You’re capped at $25 in bonus bets for each game. While that means you won’t make any extra dough in bonus bets if more than five dingers are hit, that’s enough to make up for the minimum stake if your chosen batter does not hit a home run. If they do go yard, you can pocket up to your full stake in bonus bets and your winnings.

How to Beat FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday: Strategy Tips & Tricks

So you know what Dinger Tuesday is. How do you beat it? Well, for one, maximizing your exposure is key — that minimizes the risk you take a loss because of variance. But finding 15 batters with positive expected value to hit a home run can be difficult. Fortunately for you, OddsShopper Premium is here to help.

Let’s get into my two big strategy tips to help you beat FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday promotion. The first: use the market to beat the market! That’s what OddsShopper Premium does — by indexing the odds across the market, we can easily identify home run bets at FanDuel that have positive expected value (+EV) and will be profitable over the long term.

If you don’t believe market-based betting is a viable strategy, check out our results — or the winning slips and testimonials from OddsShopper users included in this article. If you want to stop guessing and start winning, you’ve come to the right place.

My second strategy tip for beating Dinger Tuesday: either bet the board or target games with high totals. Getting $375 down in action on home run picks may not be realistic for everyone, and it’s certainly not without risk. So if you’re unable to bet the board, target two or three games that the books expect to feature lots of scoring.

How can you tell if a sportsbook expects many runs to cross the plate in a given game? That’s easy — look at the total. Games with totals of 8.5 or higher are generally considered higher-scoring than usual, but you can occasionally find double-digit totals for games played at Coors Field in Denver, due to the elevation, or Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. Check the MLB weather report to see if your chosen game will benefit from strong winds,too!

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What Else Do You Need to Know?

One key piece of information to know about FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday is that unlike most sportsbooks, your bet won’t be voided if the batter you chose isn’t in the starting lineup. FanDuel only voids bets for batters who don’t record a plate appearance. This means if your chosen player comes in as a pinch-hitter, you’ll get paid out if they hit a home run — but if they don’t, you won’t get your money back.

The other wrinkle of this rule at FanDuel is that you won’t receive your bonus bets if your chosen batter doesn’t make a plate appearance. This makes it a good idea to wait until starting lineups are released before committing your action to a fringe starter on Dinger Tuesday — but you probably don’t need to wait to hear about the status of everyday starters like Freddie Freeman or Matt Olson.

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