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Indy 500 Weather Report: Monster Storms Rolling into Indiana

The Indianapolis 500 has almost arrived, but unfortunately for motorsports fans and bettors alike, the weather isn’t looking too good. Rain, winds and lightning are all in the forecast. Tornados are a possibility throughout the Midwest as well. Let’s dive into the Indy 500 weather report as we break down what to expect — and what will happen if the Indianapolis 500 can’t be run on Sunday due to the weather.

Indy 500 Weather Report: Monster Storms Rolling into Indianapolis

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Indy 500 Weather Report: Monster Storms Rolling into Indianapolis

It’s been a stormy few weeks across the middle United States, and now it’s Indiana’s turn to deal with some brutal weather. On Sunday, the National Weather Service forecasts scattered showers through 11 a.m. ET before scattered showers and thunderstorms until 2 p.m. The chance of precipitation is 90%. With the green flag scheduled to wave at 12:45 p.m., the bad weather is likely to interfere with the event.

But even if we get lucky and the race gets underway on time, the weather isn’t expected to get any better as the afternoon rolls on. The chance of precipitation remains at about 90%, and it’s safe to expect both showers and thunderstorms through sunset. Because Indianapolis Motor Speedway does not have lights, once the sun goes down, it’s safe to expect no cars on the track.

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Unlike the NWS, the Weather Channel offers hour-by-hour probabilities of precipitation. Their forecast indicates a 45% chance of precipitation from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., which will then tick up to 56% by 1 p.m. and 78% by 2 p.m. At that point, “strong storms” are expected to begin, which likely means a severe thunderstorm warning.

So, what happens if the Indianapolis 500 is rained out? The event won’t start until the track is dry, which, barring a miracle, probably won’t happen on Sunday — at least not in time to complete all 500 miles before the sun goes down at 9 p.m. ET. If the event is delayed to a later time on Sunday, NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson probably won’t be able to compete, as it will likely conflict with NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600.

In all likelihood, the Indianapolis 500 will get underway sometime on Monday. The forecast is a bit friendlier for Memorial Day, with rain and thunderstorms possible until the early afternoon but just cloudy skies afterward. If the race is fully postponed, expect Larson to make the trip back from Charlotte and compete in the event.

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Isaiah Sirois

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