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UFC Betting Cheat Sheet: +EV Side & Total for UFC Fight Night Yusuff vs. Barboza

To increase your earnings from sports betting, it’s important to have a comprehensive comprehension of the markets and conduct extensive research on the games. Fortunately, OddsShopper can aid you in this endeavor by closely examining copious amounts of data and assembling a list of the most profitable UFC bets for the day. Today we will highlight some of the best UFC bets for the UFC Fight Night Yusuff vs. Barboza card on Saturday, Oct. 14, selecting one side and one total for the slate.

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Best UFC Bets Cheat Sheet: +EV UFC Plays for Today

UFC Side: Cameron Saaiman Moneyline (+136, DraftKings)

UFC Total: Sodiq Yusuff vs. Edson Barboza Under 3.5 Rounds (-138, FanDuel)

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