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2023 Super Bowl Odds & Best Bets: Chiefs and Vikings Make Great Value Bets at Their Current Prices

There continues to be significant movement on the 2023 Super Bowl odds board after another wild week in the NFL. Luckily for bettors, with line movement comes the opportunity to find value in the midst of market overreaction.

The top of the Super Bowl odds board has shifted a bit, as the Bills, Chiefs and Buccaneers all lost in Week 3. Only the Eagles and Dolphins remain undefeated. The Eagles have moved into the top 3 teams to win the Super Bowl at +850, while the Dolphins moved up to +1600.

This column will use FanDuel Sportsbook each week to track teams and odds movement. You can shop for NFL odds across the market here.

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Super Bowl LVII Odds (Post-Week 3 – September 27)

Team: Super Bowl Odds: Last Week:
Bills +500 +450
Chiefs +800 +700
Eagles +850 +1300
Buccaneers +950 +700
Packers +1000 +1300
Rams +1400 +1500
Ravens +1400 +1800
Dolphins +1600 +2500
49ers +1900 +2000
Broncos +1900 +2300
Vikings +2100 +2100
Chargers +2100 +1500
Bengals +2200 +2900
Cowboys +3400 +4500
Colts +3400 +4000
Browns +4400 +5500
Jaguars +5000 +9000
Titans +6000 +5500
Saints +6500 +4000
Cardinals +7000 +5000
Raiders +7500 +6000
Panthers +10000 +24000
Lions +10000 +10000
Patriots +10000 +5500
Giants +11000 +6500
Commanders +13000 +8500
Steelers +13000 +8500
Bears +20000 +20000
Falcons +34000 +55000
Jets +39000 +22000
Seahawks +55000 +41000
Texans +55000 +55000

Moving Up:

Eagles, Packers, Rams, Ravens, Dolphins, 49ers, Broncos, Bengals, Cowboys, Colts, Browns, Jaguars, Panthers, Falcons

The two teams to consider here are the two that remain undefeated. It might feel like you are buying both the Eagles and Dolphins high. However, if you feel that they will both keep winning then you may want to bet them now before their price goes up even further.

The other intriguing bet here is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, you read that right, the Jaguars have looked quite impressive these last two weeks and their price is skyrocketing. If you feel like their price will only keep going up, then grab the Jaguars now as a long shot at +5000.

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Moving Down

Bills, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Chargers, Titans, Saints, Cardinals, Raiders, Patriots, Giants, Commanders, Steelers, Jets, Seahawks

For the top four teams (Bills, Chiefs, Buccaneers and Chargers) you could look at this as an opportunity to buy the dip, as I’ll expand on for the Chiefs below. The other teams that fell would be more of a true longshot at this point.

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2023 Super Bowl Bets to Consider Right Now

Kansas City Chiefs +800

There are a lot of powerhouse teams in the AFC, but Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have been to the AFC Championship for the last four years and have been in the Super Bowl in two of the last three years. Do not overlook them, as Mahomes still looks as dangerous as ever. At +800 this is an opportunity to buy a slight dip in their price after the Chiefs’ loss on Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings +2100

I was on the Vikings during the preseason at +4000. Even after beating the Lions this weekend, the Vikings’ price did not move. I feel their next couple of games are very winnable which means their price will go up if they do in fact win both contests. Remember, the NFC is very weak this year. If you are still a believer in the Vikings like I am, you may want to bet them at +2100 before their price goes up more.

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