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PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus: New User Discounts!

Let us recap your journey so far. You searched your future-device looking for the best PrizePicks sign-up bonus today, then found yourself here… with me! Consider myself honored, but I won’t word vomit all over you. Let’s get to this discount now!

PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus TodayClick Here To Claim This Amazing PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus!
Promo DescriptionGet an Instant $100 Deposit Match!
Terms18+ (21+MA & AZ, 19+ AL, NE). Concerned with your play? Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER

PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus Today

There is just so much more PrizePicks has to offer, including styles of play and more promotions.

Aside from the deposit matches and famed deals like Taco Tuesday, PrizePicks periodically introduces various promotions. We should talk about a few because we’re pals!

Discounted Entry: Similar to Taco Tuesday, PrizePicks lowers a player’s projection for a limited period, typically ending shortly before game time. Unlike Taco Tuesday, these discounts occur on any day of the week.

Payout Boost: PrizePicks temporarily increases payouts for specific players or entries. It’s worth noting that these boosts only apply to full games, not single quarters, halves, or seasons.

Protected Play: PrizePicks refunds losses on your initial qualifying entry. Successful entries receive regular payouts.

PrizePicks Weekly Happy Hour: Although currently discontinued, this promotion could return anytime. During Happy Hour (usually Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. ET), minimum entries are just $1. Keep an eye out for its potential revival! Maybe I’m just trying to wish it back into existence. To each their own, I guess.

Earning Entries From PrizePicks: To obtain entries on PrizePicks, stay updated with their announcements on Twitter, Discord, and other channels. They frequently offer entry opportunities through giveaways, challenges, referral rewards, or random events. Since the method for acquiring entries isn’t fixed, the best approach is to remain vigilant across these platforms to maximize your chances of snagging one.

Heck, here on OddsShopper we’ll often make sure to make special posts about these ourselves, helping you find the value in some entries.

Hold up, though. We’re not done offering you the goods. After all, we are friends and friends help each other out. It’s why below this very paragraph I’m going to insert a nice catch-all widget, which showcases the very best promos today. Do know — for real, notate this! — this are updated daily to reflect the best offers.

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Outside our top PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus today offer, did any of the above tickle your fancy?

Below you will find some of our OddsShopper educational offers and tools (separate from today’s featured offer). If you’re looking for other edges, hopefully you check out what we have to offer. Nonetheless, here is to hoping we — at the very least — provided you with some useful information!

OddsShopper’s selection of 101 articles is here to help. Check out our guide to finding positive expected value (+EV) or our sport-specific guides. If you’re looking for quality data each day, check out OddsShopper’s shopping pages — you can even unlock more +EV plays by signing up for OddsShopper Premium!

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