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How to Get & Use Caesars Rewards

Caesars Sportsbook has been steadily developing into a real player in the sports betting industry ever since Caesars Entertainment purchased William Hill in 2021. With their competitive odds, simple yet classy app design and wide range of bets to choose from, Caesars is a strong choice for those looking to bet at books aside from the most popular options like FanDuel and DraftKings. What really sets Caesars Sportsbook apart, however, is its incredibly lucrative rewards system called Caesars Rewards that allows you to win trips and bonuses simply by placing bets. So how does it all work? Well, here we will break down both how to get and how to use Caesars Rewards. Let’s dive in.

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How to Get Caesars Rewards

You earn Caesars rewards by partaking in Caesars Entertainment services, either through gaming at casinos/online or taking advantage of various Caesars activities such as hotels, shopping and dining. Suffice it to say, pretty much all in-venue gambling earns you reward credits — slots, table games, horse racing, sports betting, etc. We don’t need to delve too deeply into how you earn Caesars Rewards at their brick-and-mortar casinos.

You came to OddsShopper specifically because you’re curious how you can get Caesars rewards via their online sportsbook and casino products. Well, we’re going to come through for you.

Caesars Sportsbook & Racebook Rewards

Earning reward credits from Caesars Sportsbook is simple: You get credits for placing bets. This comes via two methods, and the number of credits you get depends on the type of bets you make:

  • Receive up to 10 reward credits for wagering $100 on straight bets
  • Receive up to 20 reward credits for wagering $100 on parlays

Either way, you have to place $100 worth of bets, but you earn twice as many credits for betting parlays. If you bet at Caesars Racebook, however, you will receive 1 credit for every $3 you wager on horse races.

Boost Your Caesars Sportsbook Bets With OddsShopper Premium

Now, we know that placing $100 worth of bets could be quite the ask, especially if you’re starting your Caesars journey with a smaller bankroll. This is where OddsShopper Premium comes in handy. One of our Premium tools, the Positive EV Bets Tool, evaluates the entire market and finds you the bets that are most likely to boost your bankroll. You can filter by bet types, leagues and even sportsbooks, which will help you target all of the best +EV Caesars Sportsbook bets.

With this tool, you can boost your chances at getting your straight bet count up to $100 more quickly and start moving up those reward tiers.

If you would rather target the $100 in parlay bets, OddsShopper Premium can help there too. We have our Parlay Builder, which finds you the best legs to add for both single-sport and multi-sport parlays, and you can add or subtract bets as you see fit and sort by sportsbook to grab those Caesars Rewards again.

Don’t just throw your bets down with Caesars — start betting smarter with OddsShopper Premium and win some money while you’re climbing Caesars Rewards tiers!

Caesars Casino Online Rewards

Again, Caesars Casino Online grants you rewards through betting. Here are the credit payouts you get from gambling at the online casino:

  • Receive 1 credit for every $25 bet on table games
  • Receive 1 credit for every $5 bet on slot coin-in

In summary, you earn reward credits with Caesars by making bets, staying at their hotels and buying their products — that’s all there is to it. Now the big question is, what do you do with those reward credits once you have earned them?

How to Use Caesars Rewards

Caesars Entertainment is first and foremost a hotel and casino company, so the rewards system for its sportsbook is largely built around those benefits. These rewards are so vast that it would be tough to cover everything in this space — we will give a brief overview of the tiers, however, and what each tier earns you from Caesars Rewards. If you to see the full breadth of Caesars Rewards tiers and their benefits, check them out here.

Unless otherwise specified, each tier includes the rewards from the previous tier.

Gold Tier: 0 to 4,999 Credits

  • Special offers and reward credits when you stay and/or gamble at Caesars hotels/casinos
  • Convert reward credits into free play
  • Play World Series of Poker at Caesars casinos and earn reward credits
  • Access to reel slot machine reward offers
  • Bonus bet for your birthday month.
  • Discounts at Caesars hotels and casinos
  • Pre-access to specific shows

Platinum Tier: 5,000 to 14,999 Credits

On top of everything in the Gold Tier, the Platinum Tier grants you the following when you reach 5,000 tier credits:

  • Monthly $10 bonus bet
  • One free night at Caesars location in Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Laughlin or Reno
  • Give a friend up to 5,000 credits
  • 15% discount at Caesars gift shops
  • Free valet/self parking

Diamond Tier: 15,000 to 24,999 Credits

  • Monthly $20 bonus bet
  • You can choose to have a $100 dinner at a Caesars location or a $50 Uber Eats credit.
  • 15% select rooms at Caesars hotels
  • Resort fees are waived
  • 20% discount at Caesars gift shops

Diamond Plus Tier: 25,000 to 74,999 Credits

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Diamond Elite Tier: 75,000 to 149,999 Credits

  • Monthly $75 bonus bet
  • $600 flight credit to Las Vegas

Seven Stars Tier: 150,000+ Credits

  • Monthly $150 bonus bet
  • You can choose to have a $500 dinner at a Caesars location or a $250 Uber Eats credit.
  • Caesars retreat with $1,200 airfare and $500 folio credit OR 50,000 reward credits.
  • Free upgrade to best room available
  • Free early check-in and late check-out
  • 25% discount at Caesars gift shops
  • Access to special events
  • Exclusive online chat

What are you waiting for? There are so many lucrative rewards to collect from betting with Caesars Sportsbook, so sign up now and start earning those tier credits!

Sam Smith


Sam Smith

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