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What is Taco Tuesday with PrizePicks?

The legalization of sports betting in 2018 has radically transformed the gambling and DFS landscapes. PrizePicks continues to offer a unique way to get some skin in the game for users that may feel uncomfortable about or don’t have access to traditional sportsbooks. To play, you simply create a lineup of players and select whether they’ll record more or less than their projection. In this post, we hope to answer the question of what is Taco Tuesday with PrizePicks! We might even give some PrizePicks Taco Tuesday strategy!

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What is Taco Tuesday? 

Taco Tuesday is a weekly promotion available to all members at PrizePicks. The promotion itself discounts certain player props every Tuesday. Generally, PrizePicks will discount several projections on the board by 15% to 25%. They then replace the discounted player headshots with the image of a taco, making these discounted players easy to find.

Additionally, PrizePicks gives you a say in which players get discounted projections. Every Tuesday, PrizePicks allows its members to vote on most of the taco discounts. These votes take place in their members-only Discord and the PrizePicks Twitter, referred to as the “Taco Bar.” The community chooses the player, and they also vote on the stat type they would like discounted.

Taco Tuesday also comes with a favorable injury policy. PrizePicks will mark a player as DNP if they get hurt and don’t return. This is known as the “Spoiled Taco” policy.

The “Spoiled Taco” policy works a little differently for each sport, but here’s how it breaks down:

Baseball: A player is injured in the first three innings and doesn’t return.

Basketball, Football & Soccer: A player is injured in the first half and doesn’t return.

CSGO/LoL: A forfeit occurs before all playable maps are finished.

Golf: A player is injured and withdraws before completing 18 holes.

Hockey: A player is injured in the first period and doesn’t return.

PrizePicks Explained

Participants must choose lineups between two to six players across statistical categories. Offerings include player projections in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, College Sports, PGA, Tennis and several other sports. Participants will pick more or less for each individual statistical category, which makes it a solid option for beginners in the betting space. For more information about becoming a profitable PrizePicks player, click here!

PrizePicks offers two entry types: Flex Plays and Power Plays. The Power Play requires every pick in your entry to win in order to obtain a greater payout. The Flex Play allows you to lose one or two of your picks depending on the size of the lineup. Lineups will still be compensated for achieving all correct picks. However, these Flex Plays still pay out even if your lineup drops one or two plays. With that said, let’s see where you can take advantage of PrizePicks.

At the end of the day, these promotions provide a great way to build a bankroll. Those already playing on PrizePicks can increase their chances of winning or increase their potential winnings with the Taco Tuesday Promotion.

PrizePicks announces the details of Taco Tuesday each week on Twitter, Discord, and via email for those subscribed.

How to Get Started

  1. Navigate to PrizePicks’ website or download their app.
  2. Click Start Playing Now.
  3. Provide a valid email address, your full name, date of birth and address.
  4. Verify your email.
  5. Start getting action on your favorite players!
  6. If you need a brief “How To” guide, we have you covered here.


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