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NBA Pick’em Cheat Sheet: OddsShopper’s PrizePicks, Sleeper Fantasy, Underdog Fantasy & Betr Picks Today (February 11)

Are you having trouble making progress with your NBA pick’em plays? Well, we have the answer for you, and you can start seeing an upswing in your picks TODAY! Simply sign up with OddsShopper Premium for only $49.95 a month and immediately gain access to all sorts of +EV NBA picks tonight — if you sign up now, make sure to use the promo code CHEATSHEET at checkout to get 20% off! For now, we will give you just a taste of what OddsShopper Premium has to offer for the best DFS apps on Sunday, Feb. 11: One pick each from PrizePicks, Sleeper Fantasy, Underdog Fantasy and Betr Picks. We will also show how the picks for each pick’em site compare to projections set by betting markets and other DFS apps so you can see how the value stacks up!

NBA PrizePicks, Sleeper Fantasy, Underdog Fantasy, Betr Picks

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Implied odds on PrizePicks are -119, and Adebayo less than 10.5 rebounds getting a 57% win rate. That is subsequently making OddsShopper’s True Odds -130, so this play is 4% +EV to lead all PrizePicks options.

Underdog’s implied odds are -121 on all their picks. That means, since Monk less than 17.5 points has a 56% expected win percentage against True Odds of -125, the expected value on this play is positive by 1%.

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Sleeper is different from other pick’em sites in that they assign multipliers for each pick rather than site-wide implied odds. That makes it tough to land +EV picks — today is no exception. However, Huerter less than 3.5 rebounds is the closest, with a 46% win rate on a strong 2.05x multiplier (+105 implied odds). With True Odds at +116, the play is 5% -EV.

Betr Picks is close to Underdog in the implied odds department, going -122 across the app. Adebayo less than 3.5 assists has an expected winning percentage of 56%, which is giving it -125 True Odds. Given the Betr Picks odds, that makes this play +EV by 1%.

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