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PrizePicks Introduces New Game Format: What to Know About PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena

You know PrizePicks, we know PrizePicks. Everyone loves PrizePicks; it’s the No. 1 game in the daily fantasy pick’em space for a reason. They are what most people think of when they want to make more/less picks on their favorite sports stars’ statistics. And now PrizePicks is bringing in a brand-new format to add to the fun: It’s called PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena.

What Is PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena?

Pick ‘Em Arena functions similarly to PrizePicks’ standard more/less daily fantasy contest in terms of gameplay, but rather than playing against the house, Arena is a peer-to-peer game where you compete against other players.

OddsShopper will break down the intricacies and strategy of Arena in the coming week, but here are the basics:

  • You build an entry like you would in a standard PrizePicks contest, selecting between two and four projections from the players board.
  • Choose whether you think each player will go for more or less than the projection set by PrizePicks.
  • Enter the entry fee — options are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.
  • Submit.

PrizePicks will then place you in a contest with other players who have the same number of picks and entry fee and whom PrizePicks determines to be around your skill level. This is the group of PrizePicks users you are competing against.

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How Is Arena Different From Regular PrizePicks?

Competing against other users means you have two ways to win, rather than the standard PrizePicks Power Play and Flex Play payouts. The first way is how PrizePicks typically operates — whether you win your group or not, getting all of your picks correct will allow you to receive 10x your entry fee if you hit four, 5x for three and 3x for two. If there are multiple perfect entries in a group, they will all receive their full cash prize.

The other way to win is by taking first place in your group. PrizePicks uses this points system to determine group standings:

  • Correct pick – 1 point. 
  • Did Not Play – 0.5 points
  • Tied Projection – 0.5 points
  • Reboot – 0 points
  • Incorrect pick – 0 points

Whoever has the most points in the group wins up to 10x their entry. If there are multiple winners, they split the prize — this is a key difference from the perfect entries payouts above, as perfect entries get full payouts no matter what.

It is also worth noting that whichever of the two payouts is higher — perfect entry or winning the group — that is the payout you will receive. Winning in both ways does not cause payouts to stack.

So whether you are a PrizePicks fan who wants to start playing against other users or you’ve avoided against-the-house pick’em-style DFS because you want competition, PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena is a fun new way to play the top pick’em app in the business.

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Sam Smith


Sam Smith

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