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PrizePicks Promo Codes: New User Bonus Codes!

You searched your future-device looking for the best PrizePicks promo codes today, then found yourself here… with me! Consider myself honored, but I won’t word vomit all over you. Let’s get to this discount now!

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PrizePicks Promo Codes Today

In the DFS space, lots of people want to know what is their best option. Is it Sleeper or Underdog or PrizePicks or another DFS application completely? While by no means the end-all to these questions, I’m going to compare our featured DFS partner here against rising competitor Underdog.

PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy may initially seem alike, both offering pick ’em contests across various sports, including NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and others. However, their similarities primarily rest within the pick ’em feature. After that, there’s some significant differences.

The most significant disparity resides with Underdog’s inclusion of Best Ball and Daily Drafts. Best Ball, a rapidly growing DFS game, merges season-long fantasy with daily fantasy sports tactics. In Best Ball, players draft a team live, which remains unchanged for the entire season, with no option for roster changes or trades.

Teams compete in brackets for the initial 15 weeks of the regular season before progressing to playoff brackets. The winner typically earns a substantial first-place prize. This format introduces unique strategic decisions, combining elements of season-long fantasy with DFS.

Underdog hosts Best Ball contests throughout the NFL offseason up to Week 1, including prominent events like “Best Ball Mania IV,” featuring a $25 entry fee and a staggering $3 million first-place prize in 2023. Additionally, Underdog offers week-long drafts and Best Ball contests across other sports such as MLB, PGA, and NBA, employing similar structures that blend DFS nuances with traditional fantasy elements.

But hey, that’s only one side of the DFS table. Let’s shift our focus to the other — you know, the reason you’re more than likely here to begin with.

PrizePicks focuses primarily on pick ’em contests, catering well to players seeking this particular style of gameplay. The platform continually expands its sports offerings and frequently introduces promotions like “Taco Tuesday” and “free squares” to engage users. While PrizePicks differs significantly from Underdog’s approach, it doesn’t necessarily imply superiority; rather, it provides a focused experience for those interested in pick ’em contests.

Basically, if you’re looking for a streamlined, UI-friendly pick’em place with great offers, PrizePicks is as good a DFS platform as any. Couple that with our best PrizePicks promo codes today and we have ourselves two great options!

Hold up, though. We’re not done offering you the goods. After all, we are friends and friends help each other out. It’s why below this very paragraph I’m going to insert a nice catch-all widget, which showcases the very best promos today. Do know — for real, notate this! — this are updated daily to reflect the best offers.

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Outside our top PrizePicks promo codes today offer, did any of the above tickle your fancy?

Below you will find some of our OddsShopper educational offers and tools (separate from today’s featured offer). If you’re looking for other edges, hopefully you check out what we have to offer. Nonetheless, here is to hoping we — at the very least — provided you with some useful information!

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