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OddsShopper’s OwnersBox promo code grants new users a first deposit match for as much as $500. For fans of DFS apps like DraftKings and FanDuel, OwnersBox is an exciting new fantasy site that incorporates lineup building using a salary cap. Below we will cover the logistics of OwnersBox, the pros and cons, promo codes and more as we learn about this new DFS experience.

This Week’s OwnersBox Promo Code

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Get a First Deposit Match up to $500 + One FREE Week of Stokastic’s NFL Sims MAX DFS Tools!

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OwnersBox Promo Code Details

First Deposit Match up to $500

We have partnered with OwnersBox and Stokastic to offer an exclusive bonus for new players. OwnersBox is offering a $500 sign-up bonus for new users, so even if the site is not for you, it is certainly worth taking advantage of the bonus. Other secondary sites and apps like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy are usually offering only a $100 signup bonus, so OwnersBox is far ahead of the curve in this regard.

New users can also receive a $5 salary cap ticket one entry in a $5 salary cap game and a $5 Lightning Lineup ticket for one entry in a $5 Lightning Lineup contest. This proves that OwnersBox is more than happy to provide its users with a sample of the site experience beyond simply bonus credits.

That said, the Lightning Lineups $5 bonus entry for signing up is automatically applied when you enter the lobby, so you have to be ready to submit a lineup. This could be a surprise at first for new users.

One FREE Week of Stokastic’s NFL Sims MAX

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In addition to the $500 welcome bonus from OwnersBox, you will also get a FREE week of Stokastic’s most valuable DFS package for the 2023 NFL Season, Stokastic Sims MAX, a $59.95 value!

If you are a regular player in MME (Mass Multi-Entry) tournaments and need to simulate large contest pools, Stokastic’s NFL Sims tool could help you maximize your ROI by analyzing reliable data and considering your competitors’ NFL DFS lineups and potential outcomes. This tool is essential for serious players who want to stay ahead of the game. Additionally, Stokastic provides proprietary DFS data for main and showdown slates that will be helpful for hand-builders, gamers who want intel on player performance, or players who need our data as inputs to their own models.

The DFS Pros at Stokastic have a proven track record of winning millions of dollars annually by using the same data and tools available in their packages. They are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate data for Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting. Their ultimate drive is to revolutionize the industry with innovative tools such as Stokastic Sims.

NFL DFS tools and data from this package include:

  • Lineup Generator
  • Projected Fantasy Points
  • Projected Ownership
  • Boom / Bust Probability
  • Top Stacks
  • Premium Discord Community
  • Sim up to 10,000 Lineups at Once
  • Custom Contest Generator – up to 10,000 Lineups
  • Unlimited Lineup Exports
  • VIP Customer Service

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OwnersBox Pros & Cons


  • Simple interface
  • Great sign-up bonus
  • Superflex lineups make the site different from other DFS offerings


  • Smaller among DFS sites 
  • Contest sizes are not going to reach the sizes of DraftKings and FanDuel

A Guide to Signing Up and Using OwnersBox

First, let’s go over how to sign up and deposit money:

Step 1: Register

Click “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner on the home screen. Then enter personal info on the following page to have your account verified.

Step 2: Deposit and Banking Options

The next page directs to online banking, where you have the option of debit or credit. One thing to note is that there is no PayPal option here. Presumably OwnersBox will have an eWallet, PayPal or Venmo option in the future, but right now the only options are debit or credit.

Contest Types and Sizes

OwnersBox’s larger NFL contests have a $200,000 prize pool that rewards $50,000 for first place. Contest sizes tend to fluctuate at smaller sites like OwnersBox, but it will be a great sign if they can run a large contest like this every week of the NFL season.

There are smaller offerings as well, like the Mini-Max 50 Cent. That said, the prize pool there is just $4,000 and offers $400 to first place. OwnersBox also has mid-tier options like The Hail Mary, which gives $4,000 to first place as part of a $20,000 prize pool. That is pretty solid for a $5 entry.

Single-entry contests, however, are rare.

Superflex DFS Contests

OwnersBox NFL superflex DFS contests require rostering nine players. Superflex means there is one roster spot that can go to a quarterback, wide receiver, running back or tight end. Scoring is similar to other daily fantasy sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, only without bonuses like those sites have — e.g. yardage goals.

Lightning Lineups

As intimidating as it may sound, Lightning Lineups are actually pretty simple. Users are essentially playing against OwnersBox. Select one of three lineups to outscore the rest. If you’re not satisfied with a particular lineup, you have the option to re-spin it multiple times. Keep in mind that you only have 40 seconds to make your choice. Once you’ve settled on a lineup you’re happy with, submit it and you’re ready to go. Feel free to submit as many lineups as you’d like, wagering any amount you prefer.

Weekly Brackets

Weekly Brackets on OwnersBox require you to draft a team to compete in multi-week tournaments.

Comparing OwnersBox to DraftKings and FanDuel

Since OwnersBox is much smaller, DraftKings and FanDuel have larger secondary contests, with three-max, five-max and single-entry offerings. OwnersBox’s good-sized contests are limited to the $200,000 flagship each week. Where OwnersBox does stand out, however, is the superflex offering instead of a defense slot like DraftKings and FanDuel require.

Building Lineups

At its core, building lineups at OwnersBox is the same as building on FanDuel and DraftKings. At OwnersBox, the user interface is pretty much the same. Lineups require:

  • One quarterback
  • Two running backs
  • Two wide receivers
  • One tight end
  • Two flex (WR, RB or TE)
  • One Superflex (QB, WR, RB, TE)

The superflex in a DFS roster is going to take some time to get used to, but this lineup structure opens up a lot to think about with regard to roster spots. The $50,000 salary cap is the same as the one on DraftKings, but there is a major difference: DraftKings demands a defense, and those are cheap. OwnersBox does not have the same easy punt spot because of the superflex.

That will make game stacking tough to accomplish, especially if both teams have multiple high-end plays. Other potential strategies with these superflex rosters could be rolling out a one-team stack paired with a run-back, or perhaps targeting two separate games with team stacks and a run-back. Also, you have to ask, should superflex always go to a quarterback? Is game stacking worth trying, or will it be too difficult? All this is going to create some very interesting roster-building strategies. Player salaries are a little bit lower at OwnersBox, but the lack of a defense will still make it difficult to nail down those high-end game stacks.

There have not been many massive changes to the daily fantasy industry in a long time. It has been all about DraftKings and FanDuel for years, but now that they are fully immersing themselves in the world of sports betting, OwnersBox could really make some serious waves in DFS.

OwnersBox Customer Service

The first thing to note with OwnersBox customer service is that they have been very quick to respond. When signing up with OwnersBox, our very own Dave Loughran had an issue getting verified. All it took was an email with his ID, and OwnersBox got him signed in and verified within 30 minutes. That quick response time is exactly what you want to see with customer service, especially with a fantasy site that is just breaking ground in the DFS world.

Contact Options

  • Live Support: OwnersBox offers 24/7 support by clicking the “Support” button on the bottom-right corner of the home page.
  • Email: OwnersBox email support is available 24/7, though response times vary.


There is no question that OwnersBox is a huge change of pace for DFS, at least in terms of how we play the game. The addition of superflex is awesome but will also require a pretty significant adjustment different. At the very least, that aspect of OwnersBox is intriguing.

The challenge of roster construction is going to lead to some wild builds, but that is a good thing. The other DFS sites often do not get that because everyone is utilizing strategies that are at least somewhat similar. There is a lot of innovation with OwnersBox, and that is going to lead to some interesting wrinkles as DraftKings and FanDuel continue to invest so heavily in sports betting.

Plus, since DraftKings and FanDuel have been around forever, most DFS players on those sites are not seeing signup bonuses anymore. OwnersBox, on the other hand, has the best bonus there is, and by a wide margin.

OwnersBox’s classic DFS contest is also quite simple. Lightning Lineups and Weekly Brackets are a bit less appealing to the serious DFS player since they don’t seem as profitable, but they could provide some more casual fun, and those contests also have some interesting ideas to offer. That said, if we use Stokastic’s premium DFS projections and tools, then perhaps those contests will also prove to be winnable. The thing to note with those is you’re playing against OwnersBox and not other users, so they are not exactly the classic DFS product.

The downside is that OwnersBox likely never going to have the size of contest that DraftKings and FanDuel. They will have the flagship contest every week, and $30,000 to $50,000 going to first place will always draw people into the 150 max. Plus, it is only $15 to enter, and those contests may have some overlay as well.

That said, OwnersBox’s specialty will not be the three-max, single-entry, five-max or even smaller 150-max contests for a $1 or less entry and massive prize pools. Instead, it will be small-entry contests with low prize pools or more expensive ones with bigger prize pools. 

Make sure to take advantage of the OwnersBox bonus because it is quite generous and is a great way to test out a new form of daily fantasy. That said, OwnersBox is more of a great complement to DraftKings and FanDuel rather than a replacement of those two.