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BetMGM Rewards: What Are They & How to Get Them

As the mobile sports betting industry continues to grow, sportsbooks know they have to convince you to use their services, which means rewards programs for customers. BetMGM has a rewards program simply dubbed BetMGM Rewards, and they’re one of the more generous sportsbooks because of their resort and casino offerings. So what are BetMGM Rewards, and how do you get them? Let’s dive right into the best ways to get the most out of your BetMGM account. If you haven’t signed up at BetMGM already, new users can get $1,500 back in bonus bets if their first bet loses!

What are BetMGM Rewards?

Let’s start with the basics: What even are BetMGM Rewards? The resort and casino chain offers plenty of perks for its most loyal members, which range from bonus bets (which increase in value as your tier increases) to complimentary concert tickets and air travel credits.

BetMGM Rewards are structured around BetMGM Rewards Points, MGM Rewards Points and Tier Credits.

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BetMGM Rewards Points

BetMGM Rewards Points are like currency: you receive a given amount of them for betting a certain amount, and you can purchase rewards with them in the BetMGM Rewards Store — or you can turn them into MGM Rewards Points for use at MGM resorts and casinos.

So what can you buy with your BetMGM Rewards Points? All sorts of cool stuff, like odds boost tokens, bet insurance tokens and even bonus bets themselves. For a chart that breaks down all available rewards and how much they cost, click “show more”!

BetMGM Rewards Store OfferRewards Points
$2 Bonus Bet200
$10 Bonus Bet800
$25 Bonus Bet2000
25% Odds Boost Token (Max Stake $25)500
25% Odds Boost Token (Max Stake $25)1000
50% Odds Boost Token (Max Stake $5)250
50% Odds Boost Token (Max Stake $10)400
$5 Bet Insurance Token300
$10 Bet Insurance Token600
$25 Bet Insurance Token1500
Current as of 1/24/2024 via BetMGM.

BetMGM Tier Credits

Tier Credits track your annual progression between different tiers of customers. Users will slot into one of five tiers based on the number of Tier Credits they have attained that year: Sapphire (0-19,999), Pearl (20,000+), Gold (75,000+), Platinum (200,000+) and Noir (invitation only).

Just by playing at BetMGM, you’re automatically set up within the Sapphire reward tier, which guarantees you $10 in bonus bets per year — $5 for your birthday and $5 for the anniversary of your registration. That amount increases based on your tier status, as Pearl users will get bonuses twice as large, while Platinum users will score two $100 bonus bets each calendar year. Looking to turn your bonus bets into cash? Check out our guide to using OddsShopper’s bonus bet converter.

For a chart that breaks down all available tiers and their rewards, click “show more”!

BetMGM Tier RewardSapphirePearlGoldPlatinumNoir
Birthday Bonus Bet$5$10$25$100$200
Anniversary Bonus Bet$5$10$25$100$200
Rewards Point Bonus10%20%30%40%
Premium Customer SupportYYY
Expedited Window ServiceYY
Dedicated VIP HostY
Complimentary Concert TicketsYYYY
Complimentary Valet ParkingYYY
Tier Achievement Dining Celebration$100$200$500
Air Travel Credit to Las Vegas$600$1,300
Current as of 1/24/2024 via BetMGM.

How Do You Get BetMGM Rewards?

Now that you know what exactly BetMGM Rewards are, let’s talk about how you can go about getting those rewards. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple: bet more, get more! You’ll receive rewards for staying at MGM resorts, playing at MGM casinos, and, of course, wagering online via BetMGM.

You’ll earn the same number of BetMGM Rewards Points and Tier Credits for each wager you place, but the amount you’ll receive varies by the nature of the wager. For instance, a $100 straight bet will net you fewer rewards than a $100 parlay bet — although the amount you receive will vary based on the odds you’re playing. For a chart that breaks down how much money you’ll need to wager to get points and credits, click “show more”!

Wager ($100 in Size)Receive (Rewards & Tier Credits)
Straight Bet (-110 Odds Baseline)20
Parlay Bet (+300 Odds Baseline)50
Slots & Instant Win Games20
Progressive Jackpot Slots10
Live Table Games4
Poker Cash Game Rake500
Poker Tournament Fees500
Current as of 1/24/2024 via BetMGM.

Bet More, Get More! Check Out Our Tools

If you’re looking to get more BetMGM Rewards Points and Tier Credits quickly, give OddsShopper Premium a spin. It identifies the best bets at every book each day, and BetMGM is no exception. Let’s take a look at some example picks:

What are BetMGM Rewards, and how do you get BetMGM Rewards? We'll answer those questions and more, with charts to help you...

When you use OddsShopper Premium, you can filter your bets by sportsbook and league. When I ran the model, the top four bets that popped out were all in the NBA, but that may vary based on the time of year. You can customize the tool to accommodate your state and bankroll size. In this screenshot, each bet size recommendation is based on a bankroll of $1,000.

So how does OddsShopper Premium work? The model indexes the odds across the sports betting landscape and then generates a breakeven price — called true odds — based on the market consensus after adjusting for book sharpness, hold and other factors. Once we have that number, soft numbers emerge.

If you’re looking to upgrade your BetMGM Rewards tier, tailing our surplus of +EV wagers is a surefire way to do it while netting yourself a nice profit!

OddsShopper’s Sports Betting Tools & Tips

New to sports betting? OddsShopper’s selection of Betting 101 articles is here to help. We even have a parlay builder and our guide to parlay betting. Check out our guide to finding positive expected value (+EV), and you can unlock more +EV plays by signing up for OddsShopper Premium!

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