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How Do Sleeper Fantasy Multipliers Work?

Anyone who plays daily fantasy pick’em knows the drill with this type of DFS contest: You choose players and their statistics, and you pick whether they will exceed or fall short of a projection the house sets. And the more picks you get right, the higher the winnings. This general structure is universal across most pick’em sites. However, sites like Sleeper Fantasy can vary wildly with their payout structures and how they employee multipliers for their winnings. So how do Sleeper Fantasy multipliers work, and what makes them different from other pick’em apps like PrizePicks and Underdog?

Here we will break down the multiplier structure for Sleeper Fantasy and also give you some insight as to how you can use that to your advantage when building Sleeper entries.

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How Do Sleeper Fantasy Multipliers Work?

Sleeper’s multiplier system is unique in that there is no set value for any number of picks. Apps like PrizePicks and Underdog can provide you a convenient table that breaks down what your multiplier will look like for an entry of two picks up to eight picks, Standard Play or Flex Play, and you know exactly what you stand to get out of your entry. Sleeper does not offer such a thing, and that makes it a more complicated, but also potentially rewarding, contest style.

The simplest way to describe Sleeper’s multiplier system is this: Sleeper assigns multipliers to each side of a pick (e.g., Mike Trout more than 1.5 total bases at 1.79x, less than 1.5 total bases at 1.72x) with the goal being to get even action on each side. As picks come in that favor one side over another, or new data changes projections (lineup news, weather reports, etc.), Sleeper will slide the multipliers. So you may see Trout more than 1.5 total bases at 1.79x in the morning and love the value, but as more people agree with you, Sleeper may drop that down to 1.65x, for example.

As you can probably guess, this makes Sleeper a bit trickier to beat. The gaps in the multiplier market are fewer and far between than they are with, say, PrizePicks because in all cases PrizePicks plays have implied odds of -119. Sleeper’s implied odds, on the other hand, more closely resemble those of traditional sportsbooks and can change at any time.

That said, the tradeoff is that Sleeper does not move projections nearly as often as pick’em sites with fixed multipliers. PrizePicks and Underdog adjust statistical projections to keep action even, while Sleeper does not have to do this since their method to change the multiplier instead. So if you see a point projection for Nikola Jokic, for example, at 26.5 points at 9 a.m., the odds of it staying 26.5 on Sleeper are pretty good; Underdog, on the other hand, is more likely to move that number to 27.5 if users are largely favoring higher than 27.5.

Sleeper Fantasy Full Entry Multipliers

Since individual picks have individual multipliers, the full-entry multipliers at Sleeper are obviously also not fixed. A two-pick entry can vary wildly in total multiplier depending on your picks. For example, in a mid-season MLB slate you could have built a two-pick entry of Byron Buxton more than 1.5 hits (2.38x) and Elly De La Cruz less than 0.5 hits (2.70x) for 6.42x total. In the same slate, you could have easily built the minimum entry multiplier of 2x for two picks.

Basically, the only true guidelines for entry multipliers are:

  • Two picks minimum
  • Eight picks maximum
  • Minimum multiplier is 2x
  • Maximum multiplier is 100x

Choosing FLEX instead of MAX for your entry will decrease the maximum amount you can receive for getting all your picks right (again, there is no set quantity here; the maximum for you FLEX play depends entirely on multipliers for your specific picks), but you can earn some payout from getting one of two wrong.

Bottom line with Sleeper’s multipliers, it is better to have a reliable system of monitoring up-to-the-minute value rather than utilizing whatever standard pick’em strategy you may employee for sites like PrizePicks or Underdog. Luckily, we offer that at OddsShopper with our Sleeper Fantasy Optimizer and pick’em EV tools.

Sleeper Picks Tools & Tips

Turning your passion for sports into a profit can be difficult. However, OddsShopper’s tools are here to help you do just that. We have put together an industry-leading Sleeper tool to help you identify the players and picks that offer the highest potential return on investment (ROI). But how does our Sleeper tool work? I’ll give you the summary, but check out our guide to winning at Sleeper Picks for a better answer!

All of OddsShopper’s tools index the odds available across the sports betting market, adjust for sharpness and hold, then spit out a projected win probability for any pick on Sleeper Fantasy. You’ll get to see which plays have the highest expected value on a slate to help you build out your lineup. You’ll also be able to evaluate the players and lines you want to make to see if there is as much value as you thought.

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