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How to Use Fliff: Turning Fliff Coins & Cash Into Real Money

If you’ve always wanted to turn your passion for sports into cash, you have an exciting new opportunity to do so: Fliff, the social sportsbook. While you don’t have to place wagers for real cash at Fliff, you canand you can place wagers for social credit, too. So how do you use Fliff to turn Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash into real money? We’ll dive into the specifics of how to use Fliff profitably as well as what both Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash are. If you’re looking for winning picks at Fliff, read about how to use our +EV betting tools!

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How to Use Fliff: Turning Fliff Coins & Cash Into Real Money

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How to Use Fliff: Where Can I Play—and is it Legit?

If you’re thinking about opening an account at Fliff, you’re probably wondering if it’s legal in your state and whether the app is legitimate. Those are both fair questions! To answer the first, I recommend checking out our breakdown of Fliff’s legal states — although the app is available in 45 states, 10 of them do not allow the social sportsbook to disburse free Fliff Cash with the purchase of Fliff Coins, limiting your opportunities to convert your winnings at Fliff into withdrawable funds.

To answer the second, yes! Just check out the hundreds of positive reviews left on the their app. That said, it’s important to go in with an understanding of what you’re allowed to do at Fliff in your state before making your purchase of Fliff Coins. If you are in one of the 10 states where Fliff Cash is not disbursed after the purchase of Fliff Coins, for example, you may not have the same experience as a user in a different state.

What are Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash & Experience Points?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how many different things you can earn on Fliff. You’ll have to keep tabs on your Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash and Experience Points. Here’s what each of the virtual currencies will allow you to do:

Fliff CoinsFliff CashXP Points
Placeable for Social Sports Bets
Earnable by Placing Social Sports Bets
Can be Entered into Sweepstakes for Prizes!
Equivalent to $1 USD
Redeemable for Gift Vouchers
Immediately Withdrawable Upon Deposit

Note that Fliff Cash, Fliff Coins and Experience Points cannot be immediately withdrawn upon deposit. Fliff Coins and Experience Points have no withdrawable value; Fliff Cash is equivalent to $1 USD but has a 1x playthrough requirement on sweepstakes featuring an implied probability of 75% or less.

How to Use Fliff: Finding Value

The key to being a successful sports bettor is to understand the value you’re getting with each pick. Some bettors think in terms of “locks” — things they believe will happen (or, rather, things they believe have a 100% chance of happening). Other bettors think in terms of “leans” — they believe have a higher chance of happening than the odds suggest.

First of all, locks aren’t real; no outcome in sports has a 100% chance of happening. Leans are closer to the truth, but they’re imprecise — to be a profitable sports bettor over the long term, you should be able to calculate your edge, or the positive expected value (+EV) you’re getting with each bet.

Doing so can be tricky, but this is where OddsShopper’s sports betting tools come into play.

Some sports bettors use projections to estimate the probability of a player or team accomplishing something. Other sports bettors — and OddsShopper’s +EV betting tools — use the market.

By indexing the odds across the sports betting world and adjusting for certain factors, we can estimate the true odds of a wager, and, if we find a sportsbook like Fliff taking action on that wager at longer odds, we know that we’re getting +EV.

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While manually calculating your expected value can be difficult, especially if you’re hoping to place a significant number of bets per day, our +EV betting tools do the work for you, and they work for more sportsbooks than just Fliff.

How to Use OddsShopper’s +EV Betting Tools

The below text is repurposed from our guide to using our sports betting tools. Our tools are compatible with the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and more — so even if your favorite sport isn’t in season, you’ll still have plenty of picks to make!

Now let’s talk about how to use OddsShopper’s tools. When you first sign up, you should navigate to the shop pages to see the best +EV bets today. It should look something like this:

Our expert discusses how to how to use Fliff profitably by turning your Fliff Cash into real money as well as what Fliff Coins are...

You’ll find bets from a variety of sports and on a variety of markets. In this screenshot alone, we’ve got several NBA player prop bets, a few MLB player prop and home run bets, as well as a golf tournament matchup. Let’s filter our tools to just Fliff:

Our expert discusses how to how to use Fliff profitably by turning your Fliff Cash into real money as well as what Fliff Coins are...

Our shop pages are customizable for more than just your specific sportsbook. You can change your state, which will lead to only wagers available to you rendering as +EV bets. You can customize your bankroll, which will change the recommended bet sizing. You can also filter by league, sportsbook, type of bet and when the game, match or tournament in question will occur

Next, let’s take a quick look at an example wager and how our product team describes each of the key terms.

Our expert discusses how to how to use Fliff profitably by turning your Fliff Cash into real money as well as what Fliff Coins are...

Bet Size: The recommended bet size as a percentage of your bankroll. This metric is based on a fractional Kelly Criterion approach that leads to a reasonable balance of minimizing risk of ruin while maximizing potential reward.

EV: An abbreviation for “expected value,” this metric estimates the long-term profitability of a wager by taking into account the probabilities/payouts associated with each potential outcome.

xWin: The probability of winning the bet implied by the Sharp Sportsbook Algorithm true odds.

OS Rating: The OS rating provides a rating for each +EV bet. An OS rating above 20 signifies an exceptional bet. Ratings between 10 and 20 are highly favorable bets. Finally, a rating between 0 and 10 indicates a solid bet. We factor in the EV, expected win, bet size, and negative geometric drag to calculate this rating.

If you’ve got more questions, check out our video about how to play (and win!) at Fliff Sportsbook.

Does OddsShopper Make People Money?

Now that you have a basic understanding of Fliff, you might be wondering if the strategies outlined above are profitable. The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” If you need some results, consider that our NBA model had an ROI of 8.6% through the All-Star Break on all wagers placed 12 hours before tip-off. Check out the testimonials from users like you below:

OddsShopper’s Sports Betting Tools & Tips

New to sports betting? OddsShopper’s selection of 101 articles is here to help. We even have a parlay builder and a guide to parlay betting. Check out our guide to finding positive expected value (+EV), and you can unlock more +EV plays by signing up for OddsShopper Premium!

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