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NBA Player Props OddsShopper’s Model is CRUSHING This Season

I love betting on NBA player props. One of my favorite tools that I’ve got in my sports betting bag is OddsShopper Premium, which has helped me turn a 20-plus unit profit this season. OddsShopper’s model has achieved a remarkable ROI in a few NBA player prop markets, and I’m here to identify where it’s been most profitable. If you’re hungry for more advice, check out my guide to NBA player prop betting.

NBA Player Props OddsShopper’s Model is CRUSHING This Season

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3-Pointers: OddsShopper’s Second-Most Profitable NBA Player Props

NBA Player Prop Performance: 3-Pointers

TimingTotal BetsTotal ProfitTotal ROI
2 Hours Pre-Tip4,955$20,0903.8%
12 Hours Pre-Tip2,081$29,206.6713.6%
*Total profit assumes each bet is sized to win $100.

If you’re a procrastinator — or you just don’t have time to get your bets down until an hour or so before the game — our model’s player prop picks for 3-pointers have offered bettors the best returns to this point in the NBA season.

Securing a steady 13.6% return on investment (ROI) from any bets is absurd. While you will have to get your action down quite early to beat the market by 12 hours, OddsShopper’s tools can make doing so a valuable use of your time each day.

Although 3-pointer markets are often seen as high variance, which makes them difficult for projections-based models to handicap, OddsShopper’s market-based model doesn’t have that issue. Because our tools derive their edge from the prices available across the sports betting landscape, not from individual player projections, we’ve found a meaningful way to take advantage of these markets over the long haul.

OddsShopper’s NBA ROI | Why You Should Be Placing MORE Bets

Let's look at the NBA player props that the OddsShopper model has been CRUSHING this year, its most profitable NBA player prop market...

In this simulation of our NBA betting tools, bettors who maxed out their bankrolls profited MORE than those who placed only 40 bets, but all still secured a significant positive return.

Rebounds: OddsShopper’s Most Profitable NBA Player Props

NBA Player Prop Performance: Rebounds

TimingTotal BetsTotal ProfitTotal ROI
2 Hours Pre-Tip7,703$80,077.019.2%
12 Hours Pre-Tip3,849$54,446.5612.8%

Should you have time to get your action down 12 hours before the night’s NBA action tips off, our model’s player prop picks for rebounds have offered bettors strong returns — and they’re still very profitable for late bettors, too.

The model’s ridiculous 12.8% ROI from these markets when wagering 12 hours before tip far outpaces the returns you can hope for from most index funds — and you don’t even have to worry about an economic downturn. The 9.2% return from bets placed two hours before tip is also nuts, so if you’re unable to bet until later in the day, this market is one to exploit.

Again, rebounding is somewhat high variance from a projections perspective — you can’t predict how many favorable bounces your targeted player will get, for instance — our market-based approach has found an edge entirely independent of a player’s rebounding stats. By indexing the odds across the market, and then adjusting for hold, book sharpness and other factors, our model identifies rebounding props with positive expected value to help you build your bankroll each day.

OddsShopper’s Sports Betting Tools & Tip

New to sports betting? OddsShopper’s selection of Betting 101 articles is here to help. We even have a parlay builder and our guide to parlay betting. Check out our guide to finding positive expected value (+EV), and you can unlock more +EV plays by signing up for OddsShopper Premium!

Isaiah Sirois


Isaiah Sirois

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