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MLB Betting: What are NRFI & YRFI Bets? First Inning Bets Explained

Few wagers are as fun to sweat as No Runs First Inning (NRFI) and Yes Runs First Inning (YRFI) bets. To cash a NRFI bet, both teams simply have to combine for zero runs in the first inning. The inverse is true for a YRFI bet: you’ll need both teams to combine for at least one run. Although the MLB betting market itself may go by another name, you’ll find NRFI and YRFI wagers available at every major sportsbook.

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MLB Betting: What are NRFI & YRFI Bets? | First Inning Bets Explained

No Runs First Inning, or NRFI, bets will cash if both teams fail to score a run in the first inning. You only need six outs. Yes Runs First Inning, or YRFI, bets will cash if either team plates at least one run in the first inning. You only need one hit — if it’s long enough.

So how do you place a NRFI or YRFI bet? If you start looking for the labels NRFI or YRFI at the sportsbook themselves, you may come up empty. That’s because the books typically list these wagers under another name.

At FanDuel, you’ll find these bets under the “Quick Bets” and “Innings” tab as “1st Inning Over/Under 0.5 Runs.” At DraftKings, you’ll find it under the “1st Inning” tab as “1st Inning Total Runs.” BetMGM lists them under “Innings” as “1st Inning Runs.”

What Games Should You Target for NRFI & YRFI Bets?

Each slate is jam-packed with games. Without any weather implications, the whole MLB is in action almost seven days a week. Travel days are considered to be on Monday and Thursday. Day games are always a popular option for NRFI and YRFI action because of how quickly the bet settles, but we advise you to do your research.

When you’re handicapping a NRFI or a YRFI market, the starting pitchers and first four batters for each team are the most important things to consider. If a game features a team’s ace, you’ll most likely have to pay heavy “vig.” Weak offenses are often great NRFI targets because of their lack of power at the top of the order.

If you’re more into the YRFI side of things, targeting offenses that have leadoff hitters with high on-base percentages and power is the way to go. Ronald Acuna Jr. for the Atlanta Braves is a perfect example. In 2023, he headlined one of the MLB’s best offenses and brought a combination of lethal speed and power to the table.

Digging into a pitcher’s history against his opponent is another sharp option. With the new MLB scheduling format, teams will play fewer divisional games and more intraleague opponents. Pitchers facing off against the top of a team’s lineup for the first time usually have an advantage.

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What Other MLB Betting Tips Can Help?

Weather and ballpark factors can impact a YRFI or NRFI greatly. Wind blowing in or out can affect your bet with one swing of the bat. Teams like the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays that play in a dome stadium find themselves in the top 15 in YRFI percentage at home most years due to not only their lethal offenses but also the lack of inclement weather conditions.

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