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NRFI Bets Today: Best No Run First Inning Picks for Tuesday, June 11

The YRFI bet we had yesterday turned out to be a scam, thanks to whatever magic beans Colin Rea has, as he spun a gem and cashed in on the NRFI bet.

The pitcher with the third-largest differential in ERA and expected ERA in ALL OF BASEBALL somehow went out there and threw an absolute masterclass on us … because of course he did. He was well on his way to giving up a run after giving up a double to the second batter of the game, but an idiotic mistake on the basepaths let him off the hook.

We’re moving on from that BS and looking forward toward the best NRFI bets today, and I’ve found two that hold some pretty decent value on a Tuesday slate where our NRFI King will come to rescue us after a few bad days.

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NRFI Bets Today: Best No Run First Inning Picks & Predictions

Miami Marlins vs. New York Mets | NRFI Bets Today

When I went scouring for NRFI bets today, I wasn’t looking long before I saw a sight for sore eyes after a couple of losses. And … a single happy tear fell from my eye, knowing that this man is going to cash this no run first inning pick for us today.

It’s a trash-clash in New York with the Marlins and Mets, but that’s always good for a NRFI, especially when Jesus Luzardo is on the mound — and Tylor Megill for the Mets, who has also cashed his last two NRFIs.

Like I said, I went scouring early for our NRFI bets today, and one of the perks of being a Discord member is you get these picks HOURS EARLY.

I dropped those picks at 5:47 a.m., so our Discord members my daily NRFI bets, and all of my betting picks hours before they’re released to the OddsShopper website or on Twitter.

So if you want to come hang out in Discord, get picks early and talk bets with me, you can fire up a subscription here for 20% off using code NATHAN.

And as a little bonus for you, Jose Ramirez is my Dinger Tuesday pick 😉.

Luzardo cashed in on the no run first inning his last time out and improved his NRFI record to 9-1 this season, and the game total here is sitting at just 7.5 runs.

The Mets have improved against left-handed pitching, but I’m putting all my trust in our NRFI GOAT, who is a combined 36-6 (27-5 in 2023) on NRFIs over the last two years.

Let’s keep the scoring for later in the game in this toilet bowl of a game and get to the window quickly.

Because you can’t win ’em all if you don’t win the first one …

Best NRFI Bets Today: Marlins-Mets NRFI (-120 at Fanatics)

Colorado Rockies vs. Minnesota Twins | NRFI Bets Today

It’s hard to imagine a team being worse than the Mets or Marlins, but we found one in the Rockies. And we’re really going to be pushing the envelope here with this NRFI bet today.

I feel borderline scummy putting my American dollars on Louie Varland, but I’m telling myself “It’s not so much putting your money ON Louie Varland, it’s more putting your money NOT ON the Rockies.”

And that, my friends, is how you talk yourselves into a -113 NRFI bet.

We trust the numbers around here. And the numbers tell us that the Rockies are a bad baseball team — a very bad baseball team, in fact. Bad baseball teams do bad things and generally don’t succeed, which means we’re following the system.

Varland is 2-2 on NRFI bets this year and did cash against two of the best offenses in baseball in the Brewers and Dodgers. So he’s not TOTALLY inept. It’s probably going to be a nasty sweat in the top half — one we probably don’t even want to watch.

But if we can get to the bottom half of the inning, I have faith in Cal Quantrill, who is 11-2 on no run first inning opportunities in 2024.

The Twins are more prone to the swing and miss than most teams, which should give Quantrill a little boost tonight. But his biggest asset is that he’s one of the better pitchers at avoiding barrels and hard contact.

Come sweat this one out with me in Discord tonight. We can close our eyes and plug out noses for the top half of the first inning, and hopefully come out on the other side with a Tuesday BANG!

Best NRFI Bets Today: Rockies-Twins NRFI (-113 at BetRivers)

Eric Lindquist’s Best MLB Bets, Picks & Predictions for Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Nathan Joyce


Nathan Joyce

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