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NBA Parlay Picks Today: Luka Doncic Will Cash This +585 Parlay (Dec. 1)

S-H-A-M-B-L-E-S. That’s what our NBA parlay picks were in on Thursday night. Bam Adebayo left the game and never returned because he is apparently older than I am and broke a hip. Giannis gets in early foul trouble and STILL doesn’t get there in overtime … and the Bucks lose to the garbage Bulls? HAH! What. A. Night. We don’t let stuff like that deter us, we bounce right back up on the horse and fire up more NBA parlay picks today. Why? Well, because we’re degenerates, but also, because weird stuff happens in the NBA all the time, and variance will smack us in the face sometimes. Tonight, we smack back!

NBA Parlay Picks Today: +585 Parlay Friday

Luka Doncic 2+ Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)

When we need to bounce back, we go to the guys we trust. In Luka I trust.

We trust that Luka Doncic will chuck. We trust that Luka will chuck from deep. We trust Luka will hit from 3.

We’re firing up the Luka 2+ made 3-pointers prop tonight in this Mavericks-Grizzlies same game parlay. He’s attempting almost 10 per game, and making nearly 4 a game. We should be able to put the check mark by this one early.

Kyrie Irving u3.5 Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)

Quick: How many times has Kyrie Irving made 4 or more 3-pointers this year?

The answer is three. He last did it on Nov. 22.

I fell in love with this bet as soon as I saw it this morning, and I fired it up immediately. There is so much value on this line being only -155 on Bet365, we had to include it in our parlay.

The OddsShopper Prop Tool has Kyrie to go under 3.5 made 3’s at a 62% clip, which is pretty emphatic. It’s a strong +EV bet, so we can’t miss out on this.

If Kyrie has the outlier game and goes nuclear, I’ll take the blade.

Desmond Bane o17.5 Points (NBA Player Prop)

As a general rule, betting anything on the Memphis Grizzlies is just a no, but we’ve got the luxury of a 30% profit boost at Bet365, so we can afford to take an alternate player prop here.

That’s why I’m putting Desmond Bane over 17.5 points in the parlay today.

Dallas plays at a Top 10 pace in the NBA, and is also Bottom 7 in defensive rating. So, that leads us to believe that even some of the players on the hapless Memphis Grizzlies team can score the basketball.

It only makes sense to take the team’s best scorer, and for a number that is 5 points below is season average, I like this one.

For contrast, his traditional points prop is set at 22.5, and OddsShopper simulations have him going over that number 55% of the time.

Jaren Jackson Jr. 014.5 Points (NBA Player Prop)

Look, as a Michigan State basketball fan, I know how frustrating it can be to watch Jaren Jackson Jr. The guy is a walking foul, and seems to disappear for long stretches of games. That’s just who he is.

Much like Bane, we’re looking for someone to score the ball for the Grizzlies tonight, and with the mark only being 15 points for Jackson, I think we can get in on this.

He’s gone over this number in five of his last six games, and did drop a 30-burger on the Mavs earlier this season.

Jaren Jackson Jr. u1.5 Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)

This seems like somewhat of a negative correlation play, but bear with me, friends. Let me explain.

Our guy has been struggling to shoot the ball from deep of late, and has gone over the 1.5 made 3’s mark once in his last five games.

The OddsShopper Prop Tool also identified this as a +EV bet, and has an expected win rate of 55%, which is incredibly strong.

Jackson could do most of his damage inside, and around the rim on offensive rebounds and putbacks. I think we’ll see him go under the 1.5 made 3’s again tonight.

Final NBA Picks & Parlay Bet Today

Leg 1: Luka Doncic 2+ Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)
Leg 2: Kyrie Irving u1.5 Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)
Leg 3: Desmond Bane o17.5 Points (NBA Player Prop)
Leg 4: Jaren Jackson Jr. o15.5 Points (NBA Player Prop)
Leg 5: Jaren Jackson Jr. u1.5 Made 3’s (NBA Player Prop)
= +585 at Bet365 Sportsbook

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