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Underdog Fantasy Caitlin Clark Promo: Boost Your Payout With Every 3 She Makes

The Caitlin Clark hype train doesn’t stop no matter how many games the Fever lose to start the season. Now Underdog Fantasy is offering a payout boost when you add Clark to WNBA entries, and that boost will only get bigger the more she shoots. Let’s get into this Caitlin Clark Underdog Fantasy WNBA promo for Monday.

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Underdog Fantasy Caitlin Clark WNBA Promo

Strap in for this one because Underdog has put a several moving parts in the WNBA promo to give you the best shot at a big payout boost.

Between now and Caitlin Clark’s June 2 game, if you add any WNBA player with a flame emoji next to their player card to an all-WNBA entry, you will receive at least a 10% payout boost on that entry. Plus, every 3 that Clark makes on the night of your entry will increase the boost by 3%.

For instance, say you add Clark to a three-pick WNBA Underdog entry on June 2. If Clark makes five 3-pointers in that game, you will receive a total boost of 25% — the 10% baseline plus the 3 percentage points for each 3 (3 times 5 equals 15, so 15%).

Keep in mind that you will receive your standard winnings as withdrawable cash, while the boosted winnings will come in the form of promo credits.

Stay tuned as we update Clark’s projections and chances of hitting a bunch of 3’s according to OddsShopper. For more picks, sign up for OddsShopper Premium. You can use promo code “POSITIVE” to get your first week (or month) for 50% off (regular price of $14.95 weekly, $49.95 monthly)! Got more questions? Read our guide to using +EV tools!

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