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How to Legally Bet on Taylor Swift & Usher Props for Super Bowl 58

To some, the most interesting aspect of Super Bowl 58 has nothing to do with the game itself. People want to know about the length of the national anthem, how many times you’ll see Taylor Swift and what songs Usher will sing at halftime.

The question is, can you legally bet on Taylor Swift & Usher props for Super Bowl 58?

Well, sort of.

Let’s get into the details for some of Super Bowl 58’s most popular prop bets — that have nothing to do with football.

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Taylor Swift & Usher Props for Super Bowl 58

Can you bet on Taylor Swift for Super Bowl 58, legally? Yes — just not in the United States. Legal sportsbooks in the U.S. have not approved Swift-related props or any of the like. Truthfully, they’re often used as public relation tools for illegal, offshore sportsbooks.

If you see something like, “Will Kanye West interrupt Travis Kelce‘s speech on the field?” you can assume it’s an off-shore book looking for attention.

However, Canada is offering legal options through FanDuel and BetMGM to bet on both Swift and Usher.

Let’s start with Taylor Swift, who forced more grown men into wet diapers than your local nursing home. Yes, she’ll be shown on the broadcast if she’s in attendance. No. It shouldn’t impact any normal human being. I don’t like when CBS shows me a guy 15 shots behind the leader missing a par putt in PGA events, but such is life. We move on.

The four Taylor Swift options offered at FanDuel (Ontario) are:

Will Taylor Swift wear a Kristin Juszczyk custom design? ‘Yes’ is +310 (bet $100, profit $310). ‘No’ is -420 (bet $420, profit $100). 

Will Andy Reid mention Taylor Swift in his Podium Interview/Speech? ‘Yes’ +520, ‘No’ -850. 

Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift in his speech? ‘Yes’+520, ‘No’ -900. 

Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game? ‘Yes’ +820, ‘No’ -2000. 

Do we recommend betting on any of these? Of course not — although there might be some who’d argue there’s actual value on the ‘no’ side of these, but that’s assuming the sportsbook allows you to bet enough to make it worth it. If anything, maybe they make for fun Super Bowl party prop sheet ideas.

Let’s turn to Usher.

Usher will be the main star of the halftime show, and we’ve got four betting options at FanDuel (Ontario) to bet on:

Will Usher be wearing sunglasses during his first song of the Half Time Show? ‘Yes’ -270, ‘No’ +205.

Usher’s Last Song Played during Half Time Show: ‘Yeah!’ +100, ‘Confessions, Part II’ +390, ‘DJ Got us Falling in Love’ +490, ‘Without You’ +490, ‘OMG’ +750. 

How Many Usher Outfit Changes? Over 1.5 -140, Under 1.5 +110.

Number of Songs Performed: Over 8.5 -155, Under 8.5 +100

There are more options for Last Song Played, but it’s notable that ‘Yeah’ has moved to the favorite after opening with worse odds earlier in the week. It’s unlikely any of these bets have high limits, meaning someone won’t be able to bet a significant amount of money on them. These are rehearsed and there are people out there with the answers, so any large wagers will be a major red flag to the sportsbook. No one is coming in to put $20,000 on a “gut feeling” over the halftime song.

To reiterate, these Super Bowl 58 prop bets should be looked at as entertainment, not money-making opportunities. The money-making opportunities come from the legal US sportsbooks offering you sign up bonuses to join. For example, BetMGM is offering new users $158 in bonus bets when they place a $5 bet.

The other money-making opportunity for the Super Bowl comes from placing smart sports bets, which can be found using the OddsShopper Premium Positive EV tool. Edges exist all over in the market, with over 50 bets currently listed as profitable options. 

However you’re betting the Super Bowl, do so responsibly and enjoy.

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