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Where Will Anthony Richardson Land? Betting Odds Favoring These Teams

The darling of this year’s NFL combine, quarterback Anthony Richardson, has drawn considerable attention from NFL draft bettors. He now slots in close to the top of the board to get selected first overall. But what team does the betting market think he’ll land with? The Anthony Richardson next team betting odds at DraftKings Sportsbook reveal that a handful of teams are favored.


Anthony Richardson NFL Draft Betting Odds

Football fans — and bettors looking to get some action on the betting markets for the 2023 NFL Draft — should take note. One team has considerably shorter odds than the rest of the league to end up with Richardson, and it’s a squad that took a similarly athletic quarterback out of the SEC in the first round just over a decade ago: the Carolina Panthers.

Which team will draft Anthony Richardson? 2023 NFL Draft betting odds.

It should come as no surprise to see the Panthers toward the top of this list. The team moved on from its Week 1 starter, Baker Mayfield, before the trade deadline. Neither P.J. Walker nor Sam Darnold showed enough talent to warrant another chance, so it seems like that the Panthers will use their draft choice on a quarterback. They may even trade up to get the guy they want.

However, the Panthers only own 3-1 odds (25%) in the Anthony Richardson betting market. The Indianapolis Colts (20%), Seattle Seahawks (19%) and Detroit Lions (16.7%) all own comparable odds.  All three of those teams will draft before the Panthers barring a trade. The Colts own the fourth overall pick, the Seahawks own the fifth (from Denver) and the Lions own the sixth (from L.A.).

But with rumors whirring about Richardson’s stock increasing, perhaps a quarterback-needy team with an earlier pick may pounce on the prospect. At 10-1 (9.1%), Houston could be in play. And if the Chicago Bears opt to trade Justin Fields and take a quarterback with their first-overall draft choice, well, all bets are off.

Although Richardson underwhelmed in college, he boasts incredible physical traits not often seen at the quarterback position. Richardson stands 6-foot-4 and weighs in at 244 pounds, but that bulky frame didn’t prevent him from running a 4.43-second 40-yard dash, a 99th-percentile performance at the position.

Still, whoever drafts Richardson will have to develop him. Richardson’s career passing efficiency score (133.6) slots in well below Newton’s (178.2) and slightly below Lamar Jackson‘s (142.9). Richardson also attempted just 393 throws in his collegiate career and only 54.7% of those were completed. Like Kentucky’s Will Levis, Richardson managed to lose a game to lowly Vanderbilt.

Bettors who think they have an edge on the Anthony Richardson betting market for this year’s NFL Draft should get some action down via DraftKings Sportsbook. Readers who are yet to register at DraftKings can score $150 in bonus bets after winning a $5 moneyline wager!

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