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How to Play Underdog Pick’em: Expert Tips & Advice

Most renowned for its Best Ball drafts, Underdog Fantasy has provided its users a new and interesting way to win with Pick’em entries. So how does Underdog Fantasy work? Let’s take a look at Underdog’s Pick’em format, going under the hood to see how to build an entry, the different types of Underdog Pick’em entries and how players can best position themselves to make money using the new format. We’ll provide a breakdown of the Underdog Fantasy Pick’em payout structure and detail its current signup bonus offer: A 100% deposit match bonus up to $100!

On the surface, Underdog Pick’em may feel like PrizePicks, but it has its own wrinkles and layers to give bettors even more entry options. In addition to the traditional “Higher/Lower” pick options, users can navigate through a list of “Rivals” props that pit athletes head-to-head in categories like rushing yards or shots on goal, typically with a spread to level the playing field. Players can also select “Scorcher” picks that will adjust payout odds if they hit. With options for standard Pick’em entries or insured Pick’em entries, users can choose to mitigate their risk for a lower payout or risk it all for maximum odds.

How Does Underdog Fantasy Work: Pick’em Tips & Advice

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Introducing Underdog Pick’em

Underdog Fantasy has created a format for users called Pick’em, allowing players to build out a lineup of two to six players, and you’ll choose whether they’ll record more or less than a given statistic. Choosing more players increases your potential payout but decreases your odds of getting everything correct.

However, things get slightly more complicated after that. In addition to these more traditional higher/lower selections, Underdog Fantasy has introduced “Rivals” picks. Rivals is a matchup of two players, centered around a stat category, like points, goals, or yards. Most Rivals picks have an adjustment (or spread) that levels the playing field between the two players, creating more fun and interesting ways to win.

How to Play Underdog Pick’em

If you want to dive into Underdog Fantasy Pick’em head first, click here and get started by creating a new account. If you’re already registered at Underdog Fantasy, log in to your account.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to select the Pick’em tab to begin creating an entry. You can sort entry picks by player, team, game or sport. Make selections ranging from NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB to PGA Golf, men’s and women’s tennis, and even Esports.

Underdog Fantasy Pick’em contests provide markets on nearly every statistic, including partial game markets like quarter, period, half and inning props (in most states, excludes AR, MO and PA). Nearly every stat category offered on a traditional sportsbook is posted and available to include in your Underdog Fantasy Pick’em entries.

Users are able to combine traditional higher/lower selections with Rivals picks in a single entry but must include active selections from at least two different teams. Users may not stack props from the same player in the same Pick’em entry either, which includes Rivals selections.

How Do Underdog Pick’em Payouts Work?

We’re not going to get into what picks to include in your next Pick’em entry. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out OddsShopper Premium. OddsShopper also offers NBA player projections to add to your lineup, or check out OddsShopper expert Isaiah Sirois’ guide on the topic here. Let’s discuss how we’re going to make money.

After creating an entry, users can select between a standard entry (all picks must win to get paid the max amount) or an insured entry (reduced odds, but pays out even with some incorrect picks).

Let’s have a look at the payout breakdown below.

Underdog Pick’em Standard Entry Approximate Payout Chart

PicksProfit (All)OddsProb.

So how do Underdog Fantasy Pick’em standard and insured entries approximate payouts compare to payouts for traditional and progressive parlay bets? We’ll use the standard price for a player prop bet at DraftKings Sportsbook, which is -115 (53.5%), in our analysis.

Underdog Pick’em Insured Entry Approximate Payout Chart

PicksProfit (All)OddsProb.Profit (1 Wrong)
Three$200+20016.7%$0 (Money back)

Standard Player Prop Parlay Payouts at DraftKings Sportsbook

PicksProfit (All)OddsProb.Profit (1 Wrong)

Using Math to Win with Underdog Pick’em Entries

The odds for Underdog’s Pick’em entries don’t quite measure up to traditional sports betting parlays, with reduced odds at every level. A two-pick parlay nets a player over 20% more profit on a traditional sportsbook, while three-pick entries placed on Underdog are pulling in approximately 10% less than they do on sportsbook platforms. It only gets worse with the payouts for four-pick (24.4% less) and five-pick entries (37.7% less), but the option to submit an insured entry creates a welcome safety net for some players.

Until sportsbook begin to offer progressive parlays (which are on the way, according to DraftKings), platforms like Underdog Fantasy are the only places that allow you to walk away with some winnings when one of your selections in a parlay-style bet misses.

The other thing that differentiates Underdog Fantasy Pick’em entries from traditional sportsbooks is the “Rivals” selections. Allowing users to take player vs. player props with spreads is a relatively unique feature that creates a niche market for players to utilize tools like OddsShopper’s Fantasy Optimizer Picks to gain an edge.

Additional Underdog Pick’em Features

In addition to their Pick’em higher/lower props and Rivals picks, Underdog Fantasy has slipped in a few more features to make things more interesting for users. Underdog Pick’em entries can include “Scorchers,” select bets that increase your payout multiplier up to 100x.

Scorchers, indicated by a small pepper-shaped icon, are bets that typically advance your multiplier by 1.5x or 2.5x, increasing potential payout. However, they also increase potential risk. Most scorchers listed on Underdog are placed at a multiplier lower than odds given on a traditional sportsbook. For example, Patrick Mahomes to score a rushing or receiving touchdown is listed as a 2.0x scorcher, moving the payout for a two-pick entry up to 6x (+500), however the same bet on a traditional sportsbook is listed at +400 and would increase a parlay payout to +850 (when paired with a standard prop with odds of -110).

Another perk that Underdog Pick’em entries offers to users in injury coverage. In situations that an entry misses solely because of an injury to one player included in the entry, Underdog refunds the entry. This situation only applies when all other picks within the entry are graded as a win, tie or void AND only applies if the injured player misses the entire second half of the contest. There are some very specific qualifiers, but it is nice to be able to avoid a bad beat due to in-game injury. So feel free to include Anthony Davis overs in your entries!

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