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How to Play DraftKings Pick6: Expert Tips & Advice

DraftKings, a pioneer in both daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting, has unleashed an interesting new hybrid product: DraftKings Pick6. Let’s dive into how to play DraftKings Pick6 as we discuss how it works and how to make money from it. Keep reading as we give you our expert advice for DraftKings Pick6, including a breakdown of their payout structure — and talk about their current signup bonus offer: a no-stress first entry worth up to $50!

Like a pick’em site (think PrizePicks), DraftKings Pick6 users build lineups from a pool of available players and choose whether those players will record more or less than a given statistic. However, like a traditional DFS site, users compete for prizes in a peer-to-peer format — for example, contests full of five-player lineups may offer an $8,000 prize for users who get all of their picks correct to split as well as a $2,000 prize for users who get all but one pick correct to split. Your payout depends on what everyone else is getting action on.

How to Play DraftKings Pick6: Expert Tips & Advice

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Introducing DraftKings Pick6

DraftKings Pick6 is a new DFS game that combines elements of sports betting with traditional DFS contests. Much like other pick’em sites, you’ll build out a lineup of two-to-six players, and you’ll choose whether they’ll record more or less than a given statistic. Choosing more players increases your potential payout but decreases your odds of getting everything correct.

However, things get slightly more complicated after that. Unlike most other pick’em sites, all DraftKings Pick6 contests are peer-to-peer. That means your payout will vary depending on the performance of other players.

Wondering how to play DraftKings Pick6? We dive into the numbers behind DraftKings Pick6 as we give you advice...

How to Play DraftKings Pick6

If you’re interested in playing DraftKings Pick6, click here and get started by making a new account. If you’ve already registered at DraftKings, log in to your existing account.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be greeted by the lobby screen. You can sort player picks by team, game, sport, date and statistic. Currently, only the NBA and NFL are options.

DraftKings Pick6 currently allows users to choose between the following NBA markets: points, assists, rebounds, 3-pointers, blocks, steals and PRA (points, rebounds and assists combined).

Wondering how to play DraftKings Pick6? We dive into the numbers behind DraftKings Pick6 as we give you advice...

The following NFL markets are available as well: passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, receptions, total touchdowns, passing touchdowns and interceptions thrown.

Note that users cannot mix picks between different “pick groups,” or sets of games (similar to DFS slates) and sports. Sorry, Philadelphia sports fans, that means no Joel EmbiidJalen Hurts combo lineups for you! It also means no lineups can feature players active in both Thursday Night Football games and Sunday afternoon ones.

How Do DraftKings Pick6 Payouts Work?

Let’s get down to brass tacks. If you’re interested in tips on how to choose which NBA player projections to add to your lineup, you can read my guide on the topic here. We’re not going to worry about what to choose, we’re going to worry about how to make money.

After you’ve built a lineup, you can choose how much money you want to risk on it. Users must enter a whole number because for each dollar of Entry Fees you pay, your lineup will be entered one time in either one or multiple peer-to-peer contests.

Wondering how to play DraftKings Pick6? We dive into the numbers behind DraftKings Pick6 as we give you advice...

Since your lineup is distributed across one or more peer-to-peer contests and you aren’t competing against the house, DraftKings Pick6 cannot guarantee you a given payout amount. Instead, the site has estimated prizing to approximate how much you would be paid out for a given lineup. DraftKings intends to update estimated prizing amounts as the site collects more data, but here is a breakdown of their initial estimated prizing amounts using a $100 stake.

DraftKings Pick6 Estimated Payout Chart

PicksProfit (All)OddsProb.Profit (1 Wrong)

So how do DraftKings Pick6 estimated payouts compare to payouts for traditional parlay bets? We’ll use the standard price for a player prop bet at DraftKings Sportsbook, which is -115 (53.5%), in our analysis.

Standard Player Prop Parlay Payouts at DraftKings Sportsbook

PicksProfit (All)OddsProb.Profit (1 Wrong)
*DraftKings Sportsbook intends to launch progressive parlays, which will allow you to profit even if one of your parlay legs miss, shortly!

Using Math to Win at DraftKings Pick6

So what conclusions can we draw about how to make money at DraftKings Pick6 with the charts above? First, two-pick entries aren’t far off from standard two-leg player prop parlays. If you enter a two-pick lineup with two plays that own odds shorter than -115 (53.5%) at DraftKings, you’re getting a better deal at the current estimated prizing amounts at Pick6 than at the sportsbook.

However, three- and four-pick lineups don’t seem to offer nearly as much value. For a three-pick lineup, you would need your props to have average odds of -125 (55.6%) or shorter to be getting the same deal as at the sportsbook. That dips to around -130 (56.5%) for four-pick entries. It ticks back up to -125 for five-pick and six-pick entries. That means you’ll want to find legs with higher win rates than those odds — for example, if Julius Randle to record less than 26.5 points is an offering, and you know he has stayed under that number in 10 of 15 games (66.7%), you’re getting a 10.2% edge on the -130 and an 11.1% edge on the -125 if he continues to score at his current rate.

Five and six-entry lineups are distinct from traditional parlays in that you can still secure a profit even if one of your selections does not hit. While the returns aren’t great — profiting only $200 on a $100 six-pick entry that goes five-for-six doesn’t sound all that appealing to me — it does give you a leg up over sportsbook users.

Additional DraftKings Pick6 Rules

Because of the peer-to-peer structure of DraftKings Pick6, some additional rules apply that users should know when considering their entries. Every DraftKings Pick6 contest has a maximum entry limit of 150 entries. While you can have more than 150 entries active on a given night, because there are multiple contests at any one time, your payout may vary based on the outcomes of other lineups competing in the contests in which you are entered.

This note may not be important for all DraftKings Pick6 users, but high-stakes players should know that the site isn’t designed to take massive amounts of action on a specific lineup all at once.

Because each dollar you risk on a lineup is divided into a separate entry, lineups you risk more than $1 on will often be distributed across multiple contests. DraftKings Pick6 has a specific algorithm that places your entries in (1) contests in which you don’t have action, then (2) contests in which you do have action but on a different pick set, finally (3) contests in which you have action on the same pick set.

This distribution system increases the number of lineups and users against which your lineup is competing against. While a single entry (or dollar) could get lucky and be the only winner in its pool — or be unlucky and have to split a prize between a large number of users — submitting multiple entries (or dollars) minimizes the role variance will play in determining your payout.

Wondering how to play DraftKings Pick6? We dive into the numbers behind DraftKings Pick6 as we give you advice...

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