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PrizePicks vs. Sleeper Fantasy | Which DFS App Should I Use?

Today we’re looking at two behemoths of the fantasy industry that are beloved and endorsed by many; and you may be pondering which one is best for you. After all, you want the ultimate fantasy sports experience — maximum enjoyment, profits or whatever else you desire. One of the major showdowns in this realm is between PrizePicks and Sleeper Fantasy, two DFS platforms that have surged in popularity across the nation. But surely one must outshine the other, right? Let’s compare the two and unravel the PrizePicks vs. Sleeper app debate.

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PrizePicks vs. Sleeper Fantasy: Which DFS App Is Better?

PrizePicks and Sleeper are both major contenders in the fantasy sports arena, and they are pretty similar in certain aspects. They both provide a range of contests and sports offerings, and their projections often line up. However, they have unique features that set them apart, sometimes significantly so. When it comes to choosing between the two, which should you opt for?

In this review, we’ll scrutinize both platforms across various categories to determine the superior choice: PrizePicks or Sleeper.

React App

PrizePicks vs. Sleeper: Contests & Sports

These are the available sports for PrizePicks and Sleeper Fantasy pick’em contests.


  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • Tennis
  • NCAA Basketball
  • WNBA
  • Auto Racing
  • UFC
  • Lacrosse
  • LIV Golf
  • Esports
  • International Soccer
  • Olympics
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Cricket
  • Korean Baseball
  • Jai Alai
  • Competitive Eating


  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Football
  • NFL
  • NHL

In terms of available sports, this is such a landslide that we don’t need to expound much. PrizePicks sets the standard in that regard, and Sleeper does the major sports really well and keeps it at that.

But Sleeper evens the field and then some with its season-long offerings. PrizePicks is only a pick’em operator, whereas Sleeper has popular and respected offerings for season-long fantasy football and fantasy basketball. You can customize leagues to your taste, including with Best Ball, so these appeal to anyone and all styles. Plus, Sleeper has daily drafts, mock drafts and March Madness contests.

This would have been a blowout in favor of Sleeper before 2024, but PrizePicks introduced a peer-to-peer contest called Pick ‘Em Arena where users can compete against other users in real-money pick’em contests. Sleeper has its own in PicksVS, so things are pretty much a wash in that regard. We’ll give the total edge to Sleeper in this category since contest variety is slightly more significant than carrying niche sports like jai alai, but it’s not a huge advantage.

PrizePicks vs. Sleeper: App Functionality

This is so subjective that we’re completely splitting hairs. Both apps do what they do as well as they possibly can. Picks are well laid out, navigation tabs and search functions are easy and seamless, and lag and crashing issues are few and far between. But there is one area where we can give an edge.

Sleeper’s social/collaborative element and the season-long products are fantastic — truly pioneering in the industry. PrizePicks is innovative in its own right in terms of pick’em daily fantasy, but their offerings are simpler and less ambitious.

Truth be told, Sleeper has for our money the best user interface of any fantasy app out there both in terms of function and appearance, while PrizePicks is merely a really, really, really strong entry in the DFS space. By the slimmest of margins, Sleeper wins out in app functionality.

PrizePicks vs. Sleeper: Payout Multipliers

Here is where things become much less straightforward. PrizePicks payout multipliers are unchanging, and all picks have implied odds of -119. The only things that increase or decrease multipliers are 1) the number of picks you are making, and 2) whether you’re making a Flex Play or Power Play. Here are the payout multipliers for each type of PrizePicks entry:

Power Play: All Picks Right or Nothing

No. of Picks in EntryPayout for All Correct

Flex Play: Get One or Two Picks Wrong and Still Get Some Payout

No. of Picks in EntryPayout for All CorrectPayout for 1 IncorrectPayout for 2 Incorrect


Now, Sleeper, on the other hand, sets multipliers for each individual pick, and these multipliers can change throughout the day depending on movement of data or the public’s interest in a side. For example, LeBron James more than 25.5 points may have a 1.68x multiplier, and LeBron less than 25.5 points a 1.88x multiplier. Then full-entry payouts multiply based on the multipliers of the picks individually.

On the one hand, this adds a layer of complexity and skill to nailing Sleeper picks. On the other, it also makes it much harder, and one look at OddsShopper Fantasy Optimizer shows that — it is often difficult to find a full entry’s worth of +EV plays. In other words, Sleeper multiplier setters are very good at their job.

Bottom line, Sleeper’s multiplier system is more complex and more interesting, but PrizePicks’ multiplier system is far more advantageous for the user. This is an easy edge for PrizePicks.

React App

PrizePicks vs. Sleeper: Active States

These are the states that offer pick’em contests for one or both of PrizePicks and Sleeper:

New MexicoYesYes
North CarolinaYesYes
North DakotaYesYes
Rhode IslandYesYes
South CarolinaYesYes
South DakotaYesYes
Washington D.C.YesYes

Essentially, PrizePicks and Sleeper have virtually identical live state rundowns, with the exception of Kansas. PrizePicks operates pick’em contests in Kansas, while Sleeper does not.

Additionally, Sleeper runs PicksVS in Alabama, Kansas, Massachusetts, West Virginia and Wyoming. PrizePicks’ peer-to-peer contests are active in Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming as well as the states above.

By the slimmest of margins, PrizePicks edges out Sleeper in available states.

Is PrizePicks or Sleeper Better?

 Like we did with PrizePicks vs. Underdog Fantasy, we’re going to score this like a fight:

  • Contests and Sports: Sleeper 10, PrizePicks 9
  • App Functionality: Sleeper 10, PrizePicks 9
  • Payout Multipliers: PrizePicks 10, Sleeper 8
  • State Availability: PrizePicks 10, Sleeper 9

Now, some may object to calling Round 3 a 10-8 PrizePicks advantage, but if you’ve spent a lot of time searching for +EV picks on these two sites like we have, you know that PrizePicks is far more user friendly in that regard. Sleeper is simply too good at protecting their money.

Ultimately, this comes down to your style of playing fantasy. In our opinion, Sleeper is the more complete fantasy app, but PrizePicks is probably the better source for making money. So which is more fun for you: Making money or customizing your fantasy experience? It’s a genuinely a good question, and one we can’t answer for you.

Sam Smith


Sam Smith

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