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Best YRFI & NRFI Picks Today: Can We Trust These Sketchy Pitchers? (Oct 30)

Our heater might have ended in Game 1 of the World Series, but we’re coming back with some revenge yes/no run first inning bets today. We’ve still got a bone to pick with Zac Gallen for his trash postseason outings, but we’ll wait until his next start. Tonight we get Rangers-Diamondbacks Game 3, and there are a couple of pitchers on the mound I have enjoyed getting after. And that’s not changing. Let’s get right to my best NRFI pick today.

Best YRFI & NRFI Bets Today: Yes & No Run First Inning Bets

Texas Rangers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks First Inning Bet

I don’t know what kind of magic Brandon Pfaadt has been pitching with, but it feels like that has to run dry sometime soon. I don’t care if Halloween is tomorrow. Spooky SZN is over for this cat. This guy is 3-1 on NRFIs this postseason. I mean, this guy might be a literal snake with how he has been wiggling his way out of trouble all postseason. Even in start he got YRFI’d, he only allowed 1 run despite giving up 7 hits in 2.2 innings. How is that even possible? This Rangers offense will son this right-hander tonight, and I expect it comes from Corey Seager. However, the Rangers logged 19 at-bats against Pfaadt this season and are 9-for-19 against him with four homers. Obviously, a small sample, but it wasn’t even the big dogs in the Texas lineup that roughed him. I expect a run here from Texas.

Luckily, if we don’t get the run we’re looking for in the top half, we have the Diamondbacks new-found offensive firepower to fall back on. Max Scherzer has looked pedestrian this postseason after returning from an injury — like, seven runs in 6.2 innings pedestrian. As a YRFI bettor, ya love to see it. Historical stats will look pretty good for Scherzer against the Diamondbacks since he was a dominant force for years, but that’s not the real story of late. This is a different Scherzer. The D-backs have scored 14 runs in the first two games and have gotten back to running wild on the bases. I love that as an added threat to get in scoring position and put extra pressure on the pitcher and defense, especially when the stakes are the highest. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to the bottom half to get a run, but if it does, I still feel good about the Diamondbacks cashing this ticket for us.

Best YRFI Bet Today: Diamondbacks-Rangers for +104 at DraftKings Sportsbook (w/ 25% Boost)

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