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PrizePicks Picks & Predictions Today: Grayson Allen and TJ McConnell

As the NBA Playoffs continue, we’re examining the prospects for Grayson Allen of the Phoenix Suns and TJ McConnell of the Indiana Pacers. Both are facing challenging scenarios in their respective games, which may limit their contributions. Let’s dive into why choosing less on their points, rebounds, and assists (PRA) might be the wise choice tonight.

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Grayson Allen | NBA PrizePicks Pick Today

Grayson Allen and the Suns are up against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 2, and the outlook isn’t particularly bright for Allen:

Three-Point Limitations: Allen’s primary contribution comes from beyond the arc, but the Timberwolves’ defense effectively limits three-point opportunities. This strategic focus will directly impact Allen’s ability to score.

Defensive Liabilities: In the playoffs, Allen’s defensive shortcomings become more exploitable. Minnesota may target him in pick-and-roll situations, diminishing his effectiveness and potentially reducing his playing time if he becomes too much of a liability.

Projected PRA: With a projection of only 16.4 for his combined totals against a line of 18.5, the expectation is that Allen will struggle to meet his usual statistical contributions. This makes choosing less on his PRA a strategic decision given the matchup and his role.

PrizePicks Pick Today: Grayson Allen LESS Than 18.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

TJ McConnell | NBA PrizePicks Pick Today

On the other hand, TJ McConnell and the Pacers face a tough Bucks team in Game 2, and McConnell’s prospects aren’t much better:

Limited Minutes and Role: McConnell is expected to play around 18 minutes, with a potential stretch up to 22. However, his role does not significantly involve scoring, and his inability to shoot becomes a bigger issue in the playoffs.

Defensive Target: McConnell is likely to be targeted defensively by the Bucks, particularly by players like Damian Lillard who will look to exploit his defensive weaknesses in pick-and-roll scenarios.

Alternative Options: The Pacers may lean more on players like Andrew Nembhard instead of McConnell, anticipating a better playoff performance and fit within the strategic game plan.

PRA Projection: With a projection of 16.7 against an 18.5 line, the expectation is that McConnell will underperform relative to his PRA, reinforcing the decision to choose less.

PrizePicks Pick Today: TJ McConnell LESS Than 18.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

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