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DraftKings Pick6 Predictions: US Open

It’s not often we see a favorite to win any golf tournament sit at 3-1, let alone a major at a course like Pinehurst No. 2. Such is life in Scottie Scheffler’s world, on a run we haven’t seen since Tiger Woods. He’s the guy to beat this week, on top of the USGA and its warped attempts to make Pinehurst the most difficult golf course on the planet. The Donald Ross design is long but demanding of shot shaping, tough roughs and “turtle shell” greens that repel most shots. This should be one of the best weeks on tour all year, and we have you covered for US Open DraftKings Pick6 predictions!

Here’s the lowdown on DraftKings Pick6: It is meant to mirror most pick’em sites, allowing you to build a two- to six-leg entry with larger payouts for more correct choices. However, the new product is peer-to-peer, meaning the strategy lies in beating other players in pre-selected tournaments rather than beating the house, making it important to be contrarian! You can also read our guide to DraftKings Pick6.

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DraftKings Pick6: US Open

Bryson DeChambeau B/W Than 22.5 Finishing Position

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Few on earth command the attention of a swing like Bryson DeChambeau, as the results truly vary from disaster to beauty. He’s no longer on the multiple protein shake diet, slimming down but still providing that immense power. Of course, the main issue with DeChambeau has always been between the ears, not between the tee and green. This is not the PGA Championship and will test every ounce of DeChambeau’s mental ability to stay consistent in major tournaments. Forget what he sees at LIV; it’s more a matter of how little he sees the USGA’s abhorrent moderations to courses.

He’s a former US Open winner, but that’s been replaced by nothing better than a top-20 finish. He’s going to need to command this course with sticky approach shots to take advantage of his length off the tee. The margin of error is just too thin for him at Pinehurst. DeChambeau uncharacteristically gained strokes around the green when he won the US Open in 2020, and I can’t see him having that same level of success off misses at Pinehurst.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Bryson DeChambeau WORSE Than 22.5 Finishing Position

Tyrrell Hatton B/W Than 38.5 Finishing Position

Maybe it’s the Scheffler effect pushing down the odds for the rest of the field, or simply another LIV guy out of sight and mind. The reality is Tyrrell Hatton’s performance at Augusta is far more impressive and correlating than the scraping by at the PGA. While the two courses aren’t similar in true nature, the demand of shaping and sticking approach shots should carry.

If we are to look at any courses that compare to Pinehurst, Hatton is one of the best in this field across that range. Navigating the Bermuda grass is one thing, but getting there is a completely different story. Hatton is fully equipped to handle this ridiculous set of greens. He’s one of the best in the field in scrambling and gaining around the green.

Finally, the emphasis on knowing how to handle the Bermuda greens will be a key difference. Hatton thrives once again to the field when it comes to success on Bermuda.

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We can comfortably add Hatton’s ability to mix distance and accuracy off the tee. He’s live to win and finish top 20 — certainly better than the 38.5 finishing position.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Tyrrell Hatton BETTER Than 38.5 Finishing Position

Kurt Kitayama B/W Than 36.5 Holes Completed

Just make the cut! Hello, old friend, as we return to the crowd favorite market at Pick6 — holes completed, or simply making the cut. Kitayama is a final product of what this course demands. He’s a prime fit because he does certain things well on an individual level, but winning consistently eludes him due to his inability to put it all together. We aren’t asking him to put all of this together and win over four days; we just need him to make the cut.

Kitayama can distance himself from the field in some key areas that benefit any golfer at Pinehurst. We look at avoiding bogeys and scoring (total strokes gained) in difficult conditions. These are strong areas where he can start to separate from the struggling golfers, saving a par instead of bogey or worse. The conditions are difficult (that’s an understatement), and he’s fit to handle the greens off approach. Both approach and around the green are areas of strength for Kitayama gaining strokes, on top of his familiarity with Bermuda.

We found awesome value for a Kitayama bet in the OddsShopper Discord, as we round out our card with him making the cut.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Kurt Kitayama BETTER Than 36.5 Holes Completed

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