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DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena | Which DFS App Should I Use?

With states continuing to question the legality of traditional pick’em apps like PrizePicks, a new peer-to-peer DFS format has started to gain popularity. Two of the biggest are one from the aforementioned PrizePicks, called PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena, and a DraftKings offering called DraftKings Pick6. Both provide users the opportunity to show off their sports knowledge by making picks against house-set projections as they try to outdo other users to win cash prizes. However, there are significant differences between the two. Let’s go over the two DFS apps and determine the right choice for you in the DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena rivalry.

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DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena

When you play a pick’em-style DFS app, you’re expecting one major feature: The site gives players projections on statistics like points, rebounds, etc., and asks you to choose if the player will go for more or less than that projection. Outside of that, though, there are plenty of ways operators can tweak the format.

DraftKings Pick6 and Pick ‘Em Arena have done that. Both pit you against other users and give out cash prizes, but there are plenty of ways they differ. Here I will examine how the two apps operate across five categories and give a definitive winner for each round to help you decide with DFS app you should use.

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DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: Contests & Sports

 Here are the sports offered by both sites.

DraftKings Pick6:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • UFC

PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena:

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • Tennis
  • NCAA Basketball
  • WNBA
  • Auto Racing
  • UFC
  • Lacrosse
  • LIV Golf
  • Esports
  • International Soccer
  • Olympics
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Cricket
  • Korean Baseball
  • Jai Alai
  • Competitive Eating

This is pretty definitive. DraftKings Pick6 has the main sports that most people play, but PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena has those plus a bunch of other available markets.

DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: App Functionality

This is pretty subjective, so I have to be a bit pedantic here. Both apps are sleek and user friendly; picks are displayed effectively, navigation tabs and search functions get the job done, and crashing issues were non-existent in my experience.

There are two elements to Pick6 that give it the slightest nose of a lead on PrizePicks: One, it has its own app that you can download from all mobile app stores, and two, you can use your DraftKings Fantasy account and have your funds apply to both products. Maybe neither of these is important to you, but in my opinion, it’s nice to have Pick6 be its own thing functionally while also not having to think about two separate money accounts unnecessarily.

PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena doesn’t fail to have these since it’s not really an option; these contests are only available in states that do not all for PrizePicks’ non-peer-to-peer contests. Having a separate app doesn’t make much practical sense. This isn’t a point against PrizePicks so much as a point in favor of DraftKings.

DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: Payouts

The contest function for both of these DFS operators is virtually the same: Pick players and whether they will go for more or less than a statistical projection. The more you get right, the better your chances of winning. However, how the process payouts is actually quite different.

PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena is more straightforward. If you get all your picks right, no matter how many peers are in your contest or how well they do, the payouts are 10x for 4-for-4, 5x for 3-for-3 and 3x for 2-for-2. It’s simple.

If no one gets a perfect entry, then whoever does the best gets 10x their investment. In the case of multiple winners, all of them split the top prize. Again, it’s pretty simple.

DraftKings Pick6 is not simple — or at least not as simple. Payouts are not fixed like they are for Pick ‘Em Arena, with DraftKings splitting winnings based on a set prize pool whether winners had perfect entries or not. There is opportunity to win more with Pick6, but it’s tough to know how much. Granted, Pick6 does provide estimated payouts for their contests to help out.

The fixed model for perfect entries is a bit more appealing, so PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena takes this one.

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DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: Promos and Rewards

 Both apps offer solid deals for new users:

  • DraftKings Pick6: Play $5 and get $50 in Pick6 Credits
  • PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: Get a deposit match up to $100

This depends a bit on what you like more in a new-user offer. PrizePicks’ deal is more generous in terms of the maximum amount you could get when you sign up, but you also have to deposit $100 to reach that amount.

Pick6, on the other hand, requires just a $5 deposit and a minimum $5 play. The $50 credit is smaller than other operators offer — you regularly see $150 and up for this type of deal — but the lesser investment required from those you sign up makes it a bit more user-friendly than the deposit match.

DraftKings Pick6 vs. PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena: Active States

These are the states that offer pick’em contests for one or both of DraftKings Pick6 and PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena:

StateDraftKings Pick6?PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena?
New HampshireYesNo
New MexicoYesNo
North CarolinaYesNo
North DakotaYesNo
Rhode IslandYesNo
South CarolinaYesNo
South DakotaYesNo
Washington D.C.YesNo
West VirginiaYesYes


This is a rare case where the two operators have quite drastically different rosters of available states. In regards to total number of available U.S. residents and number of states, Pick6 has the advantage — being available in California especially is a large market. That said, Pick ‘Em Arena is one of the only gaming options for Florida residents, so that gives PrizePicks some brownie points.

Ultimately, DraftKings Pick6 is the clear winner here, but since Pick ‘Em Arena serves Florida, Massachusetts and Oregon, where Pick6 does not, this isn’t as big a blowout as the table may make it appear to be.

Is DraftKings Pick6 or PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena Better?

Like we did with PrizePicks vs. Underdog Fantasy, we’re going to score this like a fight:

  • Contests & Sports: PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena 10, DraftKings Pick6 8
  • App Functionality: DraftKings Pick6 10, PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena 9
  • Payouts: PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena 10, DraftKings Pick6 9
  • Promos and Rewards: DraftKings Pick6 10, PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena 9
  • State Availability: DraftKings Pick6 10, PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena 9

There is only one round where one app dominates over another: PrizePicks with its sports selection. Everywhere else, these two operators are quite close. The score across the five rounds comes out to 47-47 — aka a tie — since Pick6 won three rounds but PrizePicks won one by 2 points.

It makes sense because, in terms of actually using the product and playing the games, these two apps have a lot more in common than not. The differences are either marginal like the app layouts, subjective like promos, or not necessarily impacting the user all that much like with payout structures. Many of the distinguishing features between the two are cosmetic, so this ultimately may come down to brand loyalty. DraftKings is the bigger brand, but PrizePicks is more established in this space.

Which app do you prefer: DraftKings Pick6 or PrizePicks Pick ‘Em Arena? Let us know your app of choice on Twitter or YouTube! We also have tutorials on how to play both of these DFS apps:

Sam Smith


Sam Smith

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