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DraftKings Pick6 Predictions Today: Tyrese Haliburton Leveling Out (May 23)

We barely made it to Game 2, as the series opener in Boston provided nearly seven games worth of drama, coming down to the final seconds. The two teams will do it again tonight: Same floor, similar spread — Boston is currently laying 9 points. The Pacers nearly stole one, and the Celtics have seen letdowns in Game 2’s this year. We are reminded the Pacers rank at the bottom in road defense across all playoff teams, which may prove their undoing in a slower game. So let’s get into some DraftKings Pick6 predictions.

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DraftKings Pick6 Predictions Today — NBA Slate

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Al Horford M/L Than 21.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

Boston is still without Kristaps Porzingis, but that won’t translate into more minutes or production for Al Horford — at least not tonight. The grizzled vet played 40 minutes in the opener, and it is hard to imagine he has that many minutes in his tank for Game 2 — or really any other game this series. Boston doesn’t need Horford out there for 40-plus minutes in an overtime battle, so expect him to sit a little more tonight.

He also needed that time on the floor to just get by the above projection. It seems an unlikely scenario where a tired Horford plays another boatload of minutes just to scrape by with 22 points + rebounds + assists. There are multiple scorers, playmakers and rebounders who play the same spot as Horford and are better options than him in each area, making it an easy fade against the Pacers.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Al Horford LESS Than 21.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

Myles Turner M/L Than 1.5 3-Pointers Made

Myles Turner didn’t need overtime to eclipse this number; he was well on his way to crushing his totals by halftime. It was a combination of a hot start and favorable matchup for Turner — add the comfortable pacing of the first quarter, and you have that early outpour. He ultimately finished with three 3-pointers made, going 3-for-4 from deep. Yes, it’s hard to sustain that level for his shooting percentage, but he will get quality looks, especially on the break.

The Celtics aren’t changing their defensive strategy either. We don’t look at Boston’s coaching staff putting “stop Turner” on top of the white board. Boston will do whatever they want, be it outgun the Pacers or play at a snail’s pace. Turner isn’t relegated to just knocking down transition 3’s; he’s able to benefit from any spacing provided by Tyrese Haliburton.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Myles Turner MORE Than 1.5 3-Pointers Made

Tyrese Haliburton M/L Than 19.5 Points

If there was any true outlier for Haliburton in Game 1, it’s certainly the 14 bombs he launched from deep. Despite going 6-for-14 from 3 and having the extra frame, Haliburton still managed to finish with just 25 points. Moving back to center (not the position) here for Haliburton isn’t making more shots; it’s taking fewer in a slower game. The other metric we don’t see translating to tonight is 40 minutes on the floor. Haliburton won’t be asked to play the whole game, assuming it’s played in 48 minutes.

The Pacers are better off not having Haliburton just launch from deep, especially in tonight’s slower-paced game. T.J. McConnell is far from a liability and can spell Haliburton in key spots to keep the latter fresh for the fourth. That’s why we see Haliburton tend to average minutes in the lower 30s, again, keeping him less than the 19.5 total points. Boston should ramp up the intensity on defense as they limit more possessions for the Pacers.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Tyrese Haliburton LESS Than 19.5 Points

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