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Betr Picks NBA Finals Promo: This Kyrie Free Pick Is Live for the ENTIRE NBA FINALS

Raise your hand if the NBA Finals snuck up on you. I see no hands in the air because the gap between the Mavericks clinching the West and the actual Game 1 of the Finals has been roughly the equivalent of the Mesozoic Era. But that works in our favor because in that time Betr Picks — one of our favorite new fantasy apps — has added a killer promo to get us hyped for the Mavericks-Celtics Finals matchup: A free pick for one of the hottest names in the sport! So let’s break down this Betr Picks NBA Finals promo on Kyrie Irving and build ourselves a winning entry around it while we’re here.

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At Betr Picks, first-time customers can get one up to $250 with promo code Odds3! Check out how to sign up with Betr Picks by clicking here. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, click here. If you’ve already used this offer, there are more below!

Betr Picks NBA Finals Promo: Kyrie Irving Free Pick

This year’s NBA Finals matchup is not exactly one we anticipated — at least on one side — and Kyrie Irving is a pretty big reason for that. Luka Doncic has virtually no detractors; everyone knew he was destined for a Finals run sooner rather than later. This team did not seem to be the one, though, given how Irving’s 2023 went and the weirdness surrounding the Mavericks’ acquisition of him.

But hats off to him. Irving has been Teflon for Dallas, especially at the end of games. The fact that this team has two high, high-level closers gives them a legitimate shot to win it all this season, even against one of the historically great regular season teams.

In years past, there was a shot people would play the less on Irving M/L than 0.5 points. OK, not actually, but it was a volatile four-ish-year run for Irving, yet he seems totally at home and perfectly in sync with Doncic and the Mavs.

In celebration of Irving’s return to form and, for lack of a better term, good behavior, Betr Picks is offering a free pick for the ENTIRE NBA FINALS! That’s right, you have a minimum of four games to choose from for using Irving more than 0.5 points as a starting point for your Betr entries.

After that, things get a little hairier since we can’t only submit one pick for a Betr entry.

This is where OddsShopper’s pick’em tools come in handy since they evaluate markets and find +EV spots to know that the best picks to add to entries are.

For example, right now there are two +EV plays in our NBA pick’em tool for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. One of them is Jaylen Brown less than 2.5 turnovers, which has a 55% expected win rate.

One thing to note is that implied odds on Betr Picks are -122, so any play that creates True Odds that are shorter than that is a positive value long-term. This Brown play has -124 True Odds, so it is about 1% +EV. Paired with the free pick makes this whole entry very +EV, however, so let’s lock this in and get our NBA Finals experience on a profitable trajectory!

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