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Arbitrage Betting: Luke Kennard Giving Us a Guaranteed Betting Win (April 1)

Guaranteed betting wins do not exist. They just don’t, so stop asking. We do have a solid Luke Kennard play for you, but we can’t promise a winner because such a thing isn’t real.

Except it does exist, in a sense — all it takes is knowing how to work the margins of the sportsbooks and compare pricing across every single option in the industry. Or you could simply head over to the FREE Arbitrage Tool and let it do that grunt work for you. You see, arbitrage betting is betting on both sides of a line to guarantee profits. Sometimes these profits are minute, sometimes they are much stronger, but they are always going to hit. So in essence, if you are not using OddsShopper’s tool to find arbitrage opportunities, you are throwing away money.

Another way you are throwing away money is not signing up with our myriad of sportsbook and DFS promos. You can find many of those HERE, and if you sign up for one of these offers using OddsShopper’s code, we will grant you a FREE MONTH of OddsShopper Premium! Check out all of these great money-making opportunities before they go away. Now let’s find you the best guaranteed betting wins via the Arbitrage Tool.

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Arbitrage Betting: Guaranteed Betting Wins | Luke Kennard

For a full breakdown of how to use the Arbitrage Tool, read our tutorial and then come back here to find your money-making bets.

Now we get into today’s guaranteed win. OddsShopper has Luke Kennard as the best spot for this as he and the Grizzlies take on the Pistons.

FanDuel and BetMGM have his assists line set to 4.5. Note that the Arbitrage Tool defaults to a total bet of $1,000 combined with the two bets we need to make, so that is the route we’re taking here. FanDuel has Kennard over 4.5 assists at +134 odds, and the tool wants us to make a bet of $430.55 on this side.

Now go to BetMGM, where under 4.5 assists for Kennard is -130. The suggested wager for this bet is $569.45, which gets us to $1,000 total (569.45 + 430.55= 1,000).

Kennard getting to five assists gives us the win at FanDuel in the amount of $1,007.49, but we lose at BetMGM. If Kennard dishes four assists or fewer, we win $1,007.49 at BetMGM and lose at FanDuel.

No matter which side wins, we are taking home $1,007.49 on a $1,000 bet. That leads to a guaranteed profit of $7.49 regardless of the outcome. That sounds like easy money to me.

And this is not the only option you have for arbitrage betting; our Arbitrage Tool has guaranteed wins across numerous sports and sportsbooks, and you can even choose the sportsbooks where you like to bet. The choices for winning are endless with arbitrage, so check it out now!

New to sports betting? OddsShopper’s selection of Betting 101 articles is here to help. Check out our guide to finding positive expected value (+EV), and you can unlock more +EV plays by signing up for OddsShopper Premium! Don’t believe OddsShopper will change your betting results? Check out Greg Ehrenberg’s profits:

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