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Best Parlay Today: Wacky Jon Gray Line Is Right There For Us to Hammer (June 2)

Building winning parlays can be tough, with all the various props and lines to analyze. Luckily, OddsShopper’s Parlay Builder can do the work for you — analyzing the books to find +EV plays that together create a parlay that beats the market. In this article, we will break down a three-leg MLB parlay of strikeout unders that features some of the better pitchers on the slate facing tough spots. Now let’s get into the best parlay today.

Best Parlay Today on FanDuel | June 2

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Luis Severino Under 5.5 Strikeouts (-134)

Facing the tough Dodgers lineup, Severino’s task becomes even more challenging. The Dodgers boast hitters like Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, David Peralta and Will Smith, who not only make contact but also draw walks. This lineup presents a difficult proposition for Severino to accumulate strikeouts. Additionally, Severino is still working on finding his full form, and it is unlikely that he will blow through hitters with ease. Considering the factors at play, it seems improbable that Severino will reach six or more strikeouts in this game.

Jon Gray Under 6.5 Strikeouts (-130)

Gray’s strikeout rate sits just below 20%, indicating that he is not a dominant strikeout pitcher. While the Mariners lineup does have some hitters who strike out, Gray will still need to rely on pitching to contact to navigate through the game. With a strikeout line set at 6.5, it is unlikely that Gray will exceed this number considering his average strikeout rate and the need to pitch efficiently. Plus, with the dominant Luis Castillo on the opposing side, Gray will not have as much of an opportunity to be aggressive since he is unlikely to pitch with a lead. Considering these factors, bet under 6.5 strikeouts.

Chris Bassitt Under 4.5 Strikeouts (+100)

Bassitt’s strikeout rate is not particularly high, making it unlikely for him to rack up a significant number of strikeouts. Additionally, the Mets lineup presents a formidable challenge, as they have hitters who make consistent contact and do not strike out at a high rate. Bassitt will need to rely on inducing ground balls and pitching to contact to be effective in this game. With the strikeout line set at 4.5, it is reasonable to expect that Bassitt will fall short of this number.

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