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DraftKings Pick6 Predictions Today: McDavid, Oilers About to Pull This Thing Off? (June 24)

The unheard of has now become highly possible. Down three games to none, the Edmonton Oilers battled back and tied this series with the Panthers, forcing tonight’s Game 7 in Florida. Connor McDavid is channeling his inner Wayne Gretzky, while the Panthers saw goalie Sergei Bobrovsky go from bulletproof to being picked apart by the Oilers. No matter how this game winds up finishing, this series has been worth every penny for the price of admission, even better if you’re just watching on the couch. We have massive value in the DraftKings Pick6 arena, so let’s look at the top 3 NHL DraftKings Pick6 predictions according to the OddsShopper pick’em tool!

Here’s the lowdown on DraftKings Pick6: It is meant to mirror most pick’em sites, allowing you to build a two- to six-leg entry with larger payouts for more correct choices. However, the new product is peer-to-peer, meaning the strategy lies in beating other players in pre-selected tournaments rather than beating the house, making it important to be contrarian!

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DraftKings Pick6 Predictions Today — NHL Slate

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Connor McDavid M/L Than 3.5 Shots on Goal

We trust the process. Let it be said, we’ve already seen Oilers wins in this series without Connor McDavid looking like the on-ice version of Gretzky or Mario Lemieux. This is still a decent number to attack sitting at 3.5 shots on goal despite the possibility of any game where McDavid can dominate. Even with his name and skill set, we are still looking at one of the top plays on our DraftKings Pick6 Optimizer, especially for Edmonton. The end result of this game will have little to do with McDavid staying less than 3.5 shots on goal.

McDavid had 14 combined shots on goal over the first three games of this series. Each of those resulted in an Edmonton loss, and since then, McDavid has a combined four shots on goal over the past three games. He finished with zero in Game 6 — a dominating 5-1 Oilers victory. Letting the game come to him and allowing other players on his line to flourish seems to work for Edmonton. The Panthers would love for McDavid to return to his shooting ways, but that doesn’t seem too likely tonight.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Connor McDavid Less Than 3.5 Shots on Goal

Sam Bennett M/L Than 2.5 Shots on Goal

These two teams have played six full games against each other and none of those resulted in Sam Bennett taking three or more shots. We hit this in Game 6 and return to the scene of the crime, knowing there isn’t much variance in this play and the Panthers aren’t doing anything to give Bennett more opportunities. Edmonton netminder Stuart Skinner has been deadly between the pipes, and the Panthers aren’t going to ask Bennett to start challenging.

For those who missed our Game 6 call, nothing has changed with our approach. Bennett still played in his range of minutes, just under 17 total on the ice. He took only one shot and none in Game 5. He’s just not a shooting option, nor is he finding spots on the ice with his line to shoot. He’s not in rebounding spots or a focus on the power play. It’s going to be hard for Bennett to hit two shots tonight, let alone more than his total.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Sam Bennett Less Than 2.5 Shots on Goal

Aleksander Barkov M/L Than 2.5 Shots on Goal

The one that got away. We hit two of our three plays in Game 6, with the lone loss coming with Aleksander Barkov. He snuck in an extra shot and wound up passing his above shots on goal total, but we won’t make the same mistake tonight. No, we aren’t changing our side, which is exactly the worst thing to do after losing to variance more than anything else. He didn’t get any more action on the ice, nor was there a consistent effort by Florida to get him the puck.

That’s the difficulty in playing out of your element, especially in the Cup Final. Barkov might be dangerous at times, but he’s not weighting outcomes on the ice like a rare talent in McDavid; instead it’s a matter of playing against variance. Not every time, but way more often do we see Barkov staying under this number. Add the matchup, the series and the element of lower-scoring Game 7’s, and we have a great recipe to stay the course and run it back.

DraftKings Pick6 Prediction: Aleksander Barkov Less Than 2.5 Shots on Goal

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